3 weeks of paradise

Who ever said to have more kids, because it will be fun?!?! They must of never wanted any sleep and loved changing diapers more times than you go to the bathroom yourself. In all honesty yes it’s truly so much fun. I have two girls who are basically live Barbie dolls who I can dress up! My whole childhood of playing with dolls has finally become my roll as a mom.

These past three weeks in quarantine doesn’t feel any different. Because even if we weren’t in quarantine I would still be in my house with my newborn baby not going anywhere till she’s a month old. It probably sounds crazy to so many people when I tell them I don’t go out the first month my baby is born. Well neither can you right now so I guess you can’t say anything either. There’s so much more that goes into having a baby than most people would think. There’s so many test that babies have to go through when they are first born and even a week after. Emmalynn was almost two weeks old when her doctor prescribed us to go back to the hospital for her second newborn screening. As a mom I absolutely hate seeing my baby in pain but somethings you just have to do. The newborn screening consist of poking the bottom of her foot to get blood. Enough blood to fill up 6 circles on a piece of paper that will be sent to a lab and analyzed! Besides the rest and multiple doctor visits I absolutely love being a mom of two!

Between the under eye bags, baby spit up, leaking through shirts and a toddler who likes to test boundaries. Motherhood is at its finest here in the middleton house! I’ve learned more things in these past three weeks than I ever thought I would learn.

Yes my toddler is sitting on top of the couch!

Not only has Emmalynn grown but postpartum changes your body dramatically. You go from looking like your about to explode to having extra flab. I can no longer wear your pregnancy clothes because most of mine say something or another about pregnancy or the baby bump. Even though yes I still have a “bump” I’m not pregnant anymore. And my clothes I wore before pregnancy can’t fit me at all! I thank the lord for my extra weight, “strength” marks and bigger hips for the blessing of my children. Not everyone “bounces back” to there normal body after a baby. Not everyone’s stomach goes automatically flat like nothing happened. Pregnancy and postpartum is a hard journey to under go. Moms need to give themselves a break and look at the blessings they have created from there own body!

Three whole weeks of raising, nurturing and loving two amazing girls has got to be the best three weeks of my life!

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