Kiras Kreations

Now a days many people have small businesses creating unique pieces of art from pure talent. Kiras Kreations run by Kira Horton is just that and more. She’s empowering woman and girls all over and using her art to make people smile! Read about her story to see why you should support her business too!

I never really thought I was good at art. But during my freshman year of college at Oklahoma State University, I signed up for a summer study abroad trip and needed to figure out a way to pay for it. I began painting to release stress and found out I wasn’t horrible at it. I ended up commissioning my paintings to pay for almost the entire trip.

A little backstory: I was diagnosed with Major Depression and anxiety when I was 13 and have struggled ever since to control it. Nothing has worked for me. After I had paid for my trip abroad, I quit art because I didn’t have time for it. However, during the fall semester of 2019, my depression began to go south. In January of 2020, my therapist and I decided that getting back into art might help me with my worsening depression and anxiety. She was right.
To manage my stress levels, I decided to pursue digital art instead of physical art (there’s an undo button for digital art). I traded my iPad in for the newest model and bought an Apple Pencil on Facebook Marketplace. I started smiling again and having fun with it.

Then COVID-19 hit. I had been working two jobs at OSU and since the university went online for the remainder of the semester, I lost those jobs. My family pays for my necessities (school, insurance, phone, medical), but I was going to need food, gas, and my dog’s food. I began to worry about how I was going to provide for my pup.

My girl, Joey

Quarantine really tested my anxiety. But my art still brought a smile to my face. So I decided to sell my art as stickers! My first clientele included my sorority sisters! I am a proud member of Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. There aren’t many stickers out there for my sorority so why not create more content? This was my first sticker:

My sales went through the ROOF! Sisters from all over the country were buying my stickers faster than I could keep up. I was able to buy my pup her food AND an Easter basket! Yes. I’m THAT dog mom. I started creating more designs and branching out to non-Greek life. People really loved my designs! I started doing custom work and even was approached by the softball team at Texas Lutheran University to design a sticker for them that celebrated their 2019 National Championship title! My design is going on the back of cars! That’s CRAZY.
The amount of happiness that all the love and support brought me was insane. I can’t tell you how many trips to Walmart I’ve made for stamps. The success I’ve achieved in such a little amount of time has done wonders for my mental health. I truly believe that God urged me to get back into art and that I really needed this.
This has really helped me find my true passion. I am actually in the process of changing my major from Sociology Pre-Law to Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing. You can find all of my designs and products (more than just stickers) on my Instagram page @kiraskreations20 !

Her story is just amazing and deserves to be shared! I have partnered up with Kiras Kreations to do a giveaway for all my readers and her supporters!!! Go check out our Instagram pages @mamacarmblogs and go enter to win a puzzle from the one and only Kiras Kreations!!!!

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