Sisters meet for the first time!

We couldn’t of left the hospital any faster than we did once they said you are now free to go home. Peyton packed our bags up, I changed Emmalynn to her going home outfit and Peyton brought the truck up to the front of the hospital doors for us. It had been over 24 hours, which is way to long from P that I could handle. My heart felt like it could just beat out of my chest (yes that’s such a old saying) but it’s true. Once the nurse came in a wheeled me down to the front doors the excitement got even more real! The car ride felt like it was forever even thought we were only 5 minutes to be exact from our apartment. We got inside settled down and now I was waiting on the “I’m here” text from my mom. I’ve been imagining this scenario in my head for months now. Original I thought I would be laying in a hospital bed while Paighton comes running into the room to come meet her sister. Now that I think about it I’m actually glad that I wasn’t at the hospital, laying in a uncomfortable bed hooked up to IV’s where my toddler could get curious and want to pull it out. Or even worst get scared from all the machines and noises all around us.

Finally!!!! After waiting over 9 months for Paighton to actually meet Emmalynn the time was here!!! As Paighton walked through the front door her eyes instantly grew wide and she said with so much excitement,


The best feeling was that she instantly wanted to hold her! Good thing my mom gave Paighton a bath and changed clothes before bringing her over so she was clean! Paighton climbed onto the couch, grabbed my C-pillow and wrapped it around her as if she already knew the drill. I laid Emmalynn down on the pillow to meet Paighton. The instant connection was sure to be felt at that moment. My heart was full, I was home with my family now completely here! I had both of my beautiful girls under one roof and the joy of knowing how much Paighton loves her is so satisfying.

Now the only problem we had at first was that Paighton never wanted to stop holding her. A good thing if she was much older but not at this age. Every minute of everyday Paighton wants to sit on the couch, grab the C-pillow wrap it around her and say,

“Let me see”

While she points to Emmalynn. It’s super cute till you tell her no and a cry session starts.

Paighton is already such a good big sister! She’s constantly wanting to give her kisses, high fives, fist bumps, and even get her diapers. At first I was a littler nervous that Paighton would get jealous or feel like we weren’t paying as much attention to her. That didn’t happen as we expected, Peyton does his best to keep her occupied and play with her. When I’m not feeding, cleaning, changing a diaper, doing homework or even writing a blog I try my best to give all my attention to Paighton.

My girls are my world and I’d do anything for them. Having not only one but two girls in this crazy world makes you realize how protective you truly need to be. I thank God everyday that I get to wake up to these girls and have them call me mom. I was raised by a strong woman and I believe God gave me girls to raise and teach them to be independent and brave!

I’m blessed to have had not only one but two positive pregnancy test, a lot of “strength” marks (stretch), a healthy long pregnancy and the ability to have my babies naturally with out an epidural. Which has been my goal from the very beginning. Now I get to watch these two girls flourish together and become sisters! Every morning since we’ve been home with Emmalynn, The first thing Paighton does when she wakes up is go to Emmalynns crib and want to see if she’s up. The love Paighton already has for Emmalynn is so heart warming to know.

Sisters make the best friends in the world!

Marilyn Monroe

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