Exciting news!!!!

Thursday April 2nd I had my last doctors appointment!!! I can’t even believe it that I no longer have to go to weekly appointments. Get blood drawn, and the rest of the annoying factors that came along with each appointment.

My last doctors appointment wasn’t filled with exciting news as I had wished for. I was expecting to hear,

“your gonna be going into labor any time now, “

or even “wow let’s go to labor and delivery and have this baby”.

As if they actually do say that. But nope not in my case, it was filled with

“well it looks like your still two centimeters dilated”.

Great!!! All the walking, squatting, meditating I’ve done in the past week has done nothing to progress my labor in any way shape or form. I truly was devastated because I thought I would of been further along than I was the last week. Going over my due date was a for sure factor that I most likely already knew was gonna happen. Even though I tried to not believe it I knew it was true.

So what’s next?

My doctor sat down and told me I would most likely be induced. To me it’s a scary thing because I don’t know about this process at all. And from what I have heard is it can make your contractions stronger and more intense because your body may not be ready. I don’t know if that’s true but it’s still scary to think about since I’m gonna try and go natural again. However it’s also relaxing because we will know when she’s coming and when we have to drop of Paighton to my moms. We will be able to have a game plan for the most part.

Friday April 3rd, I received a call from a unknown number at around 11:30AM. At first I wasn’t about to answer the phone due to not knowing who was calling me.

“Is this Mrs.Middleton?”

“Yes this is she”

Is how the conversation started! What happened next blew my mind and almost put me into tears. The lady on the line informed us that my induction date was set. April 5th of 2020 is my induction date! My due date that I’ve been waiting for all this time has now been my induction date! My heart is happy to know when she will come, but the nerves are sky high! It’s exciting news but with this coronavirus going around, and life as we know it changing over and over again. It’s hard not to be nervous to bring a new born into this world we live in. I personally believe that God will keep my family safe in this sick time.

I just ask keep my labor and delivery on your heart and in your prayers as Sunday night rolls around. I can’t wait to write her birth blog, share photos of our littlest Middleton and just be a family of four. Till that time and my next blog! I’ll try to keep y’all updated as much as possible!

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