Our last Ultrasound

Our last ultrasound didn’t go as I expected at all. Due to the coronavirus unfortunately Peyton and P weren’t allowed to even walk into the hospital with me for my appointment. As the type of person I am I don’t like going alone anywhere I’m not use to going. Since I changed doctors I had to change hospitals as well. The anxiety of not knowing where to go and my surrounding was very overwhelming.

As I walked through the hospital doors two people who were wearing personal protective gear took my temperature, asked me a few question, like if I have traveled in the past 15 days, have I been around people who have been sick. After the questions were done I was given a blue wristband indicating I was “safe” to enter the rest of the building.

As I was walking into the elevator a security guard came running towards the area. An alarm went off and I heard the officer say

“Someone’s stuck in the elevator”

With my luck my elevator door shut right when I heard all the commotion. I was in full panic mode because I don’t like going into elevators alone. And now someone was truly stuck inside one, I was nervous that my elevator would do the same. With God truly watching over me I made it safely to my appointment in one piece. Not even waiting two whole minutes I got called into my ultrasound. I was excited to see her but extremely sad that Peyton would be missing her last ultrasound. Thankfully the technician was understanding and let me record the whole thing for Him! My heart was happy seeing her move around, looking at her face and all the measurements they took of her!

Our little Miss Emmalynn weighs approximately six lbs and 10 oz on the ultrasound measurements. As fun and exciting as that may seem I truly am only taking that information with a grain of salt because they told us that Paighton would be 6 and a half pounds and she came out 8lbs 4 oz. There’s a bit of a difference between the two but in reality the weight they present to you is just a estimate they got off a ultrasound. I was very pleased to find out that Emmalynns umbilical cord was healthy and providing her adequate blood supply. Her heart is beating exceptionally well and I’m just ready to meet her!

After her ultrasound the doctor evaluated me and checked my cervix for any updates on dilation. To our surprise I actually was dilated!!! Only ONE centimeter but it’s progress! Nine more centimeters to go till I can meet her sweet face! My doctor did give me unsettling news that there’s a potential factor that Peyton wouldn’t be able to be with my while I give birth, if the virus gets so bad. And the only way for us to know is when I go into labor they will tell us at that time if he’s even allowed in. Scary to think that I could be giving birth alone! This isn’t my birth plan at all. I only have 2 more weeks left till April 5th arrives, will I go over my due date this pregnancy?! Gosh I hope not because the Braxton Hicks have already started, the back pain is intense. I no longer can wear my wedding ring because my fingers are swollen due to my pregnancy. Something about how your body retains water in the last few weeks, it happened with Paightons pregnancy and so I’m not surprised it happened in this pregnancy.

I pray that everyone is doing well during this time of uncertainty. It’s a time to also take a step back from our everyday lives and realize what truly matters the most. 🤍 Stay home, wash your hands, read my blogs and just be thankful for another day.

P looking at her baby sisters ultrasound!

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