37 week update *things just got serious*

I can think back when I was preparing for labor with Paighton and life seemed so hectic! I had no idea what labor would be like, when it will come and how she would look.

Fast forward to today’s time and life is CRAZY! I’m currently 37 weeks and 4 days, which means only 18 days left till my due date! Hopefully I don’t go over my due date because I want to meet her soooo bad but I’ll be fine with it because of the corona virus that’s going around.

Just a quick PSA, for whoever thinks that the corona virus isn’t a “serious” issue or that they don’t have to take extra precautions because it “ dOEsN’T aFfEcT” you. Well let me burst your un-sanitized bubble because at the end of the day you could be passing the virus around because you don’t want to wash your hands, self distance yourself or stay inside! But this virus affects people who are pregnant and especially those who are about to delivery or are delivering there babies as we speak! Hospitals all around us are shutting down the ability to have Visitors come visit the mom while she’s in labor or even after labor. The only person allowed in the room is one person and if that person leaves the hospital for any reason they aren’t allowed to come back till the next day.

Which means if this band they have on visitors is still going on when I give birth in a week or two Paighton wouldn’t be able to see me or even meet her baby sister till we get home. I won’t be able to have someone capture photos of Peyton and I while I labor. My family won’t be able to meet our littlest Middleton or comfort me during labor. This is serious to think that my whole birth plan can be shot out the window. Not only that but I have my last ultrasound Thursday and sadly Peyton won’t even be able to be with me because the doctor office is asking patience to come alone due to the virus. Which means he won’t be able to experience this moment before we met her for the first time. These moments I WON’T get back, wash your hands, stay inside and keep your distance from people! This isn’t a vacation time to go hang out with friends or take a break from school. This affects everyone in our community, in the world and if we all pull together and help each other out by doing something as simple as washing your hands this virus will come and go and we can all get back to our normal lives.

Anyways at 37 weeks I finally packed p’s “sleep over bag” and Peyton’s hospital bag. Along with washing the layers on Paightons new born car seat and getting it ready for Emmalynn. The next step is to pick out what clothes I want to bring to the hospital for Emmalynn and I and make sure everything in the girls room is ready for when she arrives. Not only that but these last 2 weeks are the last weeks I have with Paighton being a only child. I know I keep mentioning that but Paighton is my first child! She’s the one who made me a mommy, the one who taught me how to take care of a baby. The highlight of my life (besides Peyton) and I’ll never get these moments of having Paighton as a only child ever again. It’s bitter sweet (like I always say) but I’m excited to see where our future takes us.

Please, wash your hands, clean your house, stay home, read my blogs and just try to not spread the virus even more. My heart breaks at the thought that my family most likely won’t be able to join me during my labor process. And that Paighton won’t be able to meet Emmalynn as soon as possible! I know things can change in these next two weeks and I pray that everything goes back to normal. Say a prayer, wash your hands and love your neighbor (just 6 feet away)!

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