Giving birth during the Coronavirus!

Photo by Ogg Photography

I guess I’ve blinded myself to the social media broadcasting of this “new” virus that seems to be spreading rapidly. People are stocking up on toilet paper, hand sanitizer, dish soap, even food. Some people have gone to the extreme of wearing mask, and spreading the awareness of washing your hands for 20 seconds to a song. As if we shouldn’t wash our hands as a daily routine! I don’t know much about this virus and really don’t have the knowledge to talk about it in detail but seems to me that the flu is worst. This is bizarre, now Houston Rodeo is canceled, toilet paper is hard to find and people are acting like a zombie apocalypse is about to break out. Now if that happens I’ll admit I had nothing to do with it. This isn’t the Simpson’s I can’t predict anything in the future.

I’m glad though that people are taking precautions and washing there hands. I mean isn’t that how germs are spread when we aren’t “clean”. You walk into a public restroom and now the Coronavirus is the new topic to get to know each other. Nooo I don’t want to hear about how little Johnny finally washes his hands because he’s afraid of a virus. Or how some cities shut down because it’s spreading so fast. I just came in here to pee, wash my hands and get on with my day. However hearing all these bad things and how people are getting quarantined makes me a little nervous for delivery.

I have three long weeks left and feel like the world is just gonna keep getting more sick. I took a trip with my mom to HEB to buy some groceries and I kid you not, people are truly stocking up! Maybe the younger generation needs to start to realize that it’s more serious than it seems. It’s scary to think our cities can go under quarantine. Does that mean I could be having my child at our house? Will I have to stay at the hospital longer than normal and be away from my oldest child. What also scares me the most is what happens if this virus truly gets out of hand and I bring a newborn right in the middle of it.

I know some of you reading this probably thinks I’m over thinking it or if the virus gets bad than it gets bad. But being a parent and about to give birth makes me realize I have to take even the smallest things serious just in case the worst happens. However at the same time I can’t stress myself out over things I can not control. Our lives will have to continue even after this virus. Three weeks left and all I can think about is how will labor go? Will I be able to manage another natural birth?? (That’s a whole different blog). Or even what if we truly have to go on “lock down” and we run out of food? Ahh so many things to worry about and now this virus is just getting worst. The Houston Rodeo got canceled which is a true shock to EVERYONE! HEB has limits on how many items you can buy and hand sanitizer is now none existent to find anywhere. Oh how I wish I was a CEO of a cleaning product right now because they are making BANK!

Just remember to wash your hands!!!! With soap and water every time you use the bathroom. An article I skimmed across said don’t touch elbows with people because people use there elbows when they sneeze. This virus is airborne and is supposedly spread through contact of our fluids. Or something like that, all I know is keep yourself clean! As a mom of a toddler, who touches everything and puts her fingers in her mouth it’s hard to constantly remind her to not do that. I got blessed because lucky me Paighton loves to wash her hands. Which will be a good thing when Emmalynn arrives because safety is our number one priority right now.

Lord just pray that this virus dies down and that we all stay safe! This world we live in is a crazy one but our families make it better! I pray that everyone reading this stays healthy and that everything will get better!

Photo by Ogg Photography

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2 responses to “Giving birth during the Coronavirus!”

  1. I know, this is crazy! I honestly didn’t know about it for a while because I gave birth on January 3rd and didn’t have time to read the news, I was in my own little bubble of no social interaction just trying to care for my baby. I felt terrible and was recovering from the flu so I didn’t go out much lol. I hope everything goes well for you and that your birth isn’t impacted too much by coronavirus!

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