Our Maternity shoot with Ogg Photography!

36 weeks pregnant, weight gain, puffy face, and can’t fit into anything. The last thing I truly wanted to do was to take pictures. Only four weeks left till we meet our littlest Middleton. For weeks we had booked our original photographer, and just our luck plans fell threw just two whole days before my maternity shoot!!! I was devastated because how was I suppose to get a photographer and hope for a open schedule just two days away. As a lucky wife I am my husband sprung into action to find a photographer.

Ogg Photography was so easy to get in contact with. The photographer behind the brand Jasmine Ogg was so easy to contact and set up an appointment with! Not only that but her presence was comfortable to be around, she was professional in every aspect. She gave us suggestions on locations in Katy and even had brought props for us to use! During our session we never felt rushed to hurry up or that we were on a “time limit” of any sort. She took our ideas and made them into reality! Not only that but we got our pictures very quick and in good quality! I can’t say that for many photographers now a days!

Truly barefoot and pregnant!

Peyton and I can be awkward at times when it comes to taking pictures with a photographer. However we truly felt comfortable with her and in the moment. I can’t help but just admire my handsome husband and how GREAT he looks in all these pictures! Looking back almost 3 years ago when we took our maternity pictures for Paighton our life was so extremely different!

Photo by Hannah Galvez

During our maternity shoot we went to two different locations. Our first location was Katy heritage park, a rustic back ground in the sweetest town we could grow our family!

My girls 💕

After multiple photos taken at the park we made our way to the Cane Island Welcome center! And I decided to change outfits for a different look. A bright pink long sleeve with overalls from walmart. And I must give credit where credit is due because my handsome husband picked out the whole outfit.

36 weeks of pure baby!

Ahhh can you believe We will have two little girls?!? This may or may not be our last maternity shoot for the rest of our lives. Because life changes and we might just forever have two little girls!

I just wanted to say Thank you Ogg Photography for capturing these amazing moments and for being so professional! We will forever cherish these pictures taken and will show our little Emmalynn how excited we were to celebrate her!

Go contact Jasmine Ogg photographer of Ogg Photographer!

Instagram : @oggphotography

Facebook: @oggphotography1

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