34 weeks update!! Starvation and blood drawns!

7:20 am Paighton woke me up like usual, exhausted and praying she would go back to sleep of course it didn’t happen.

This morning was suppose to start out with me changing P’s diaper and getting up to make us breakfast. Oh honey that is not how this morning went! I sat up from my resting spot and instantly felt this horrible stabbing pain in my chest that brought me back to my pillow. Three whole minutes of intensity I truly thought I was having a HEART ATTACK. Yes during those long three minutes all I could think about is what if I pass out? Or even worst die? I know what your thinking…don’t be over dramatic but you think about every possibility once you become a mother.

I have never felt this pain in my life. Having to think about Emmalynn more then myself I searched on google, symptoms of chest pain in pregnancy. BAD IDEA! Because google always says your dying even before you know what’s going on. Preeclampsia, early labor and the list goes on. Calling my doctor was a must after all the pain I had just encountered. What came next definitely shocked me. I called my doctor and explained my situation, the nurse put me on hold and minutes later came back and said

“Head over to labor and delivery.”

Labor and delivery??? Did I hear her right? I’m not ready to have her just yet. She would be super small and have to stay in the nicu for a whole month. Peyton was at work, and I was freaking out! My mind was running all over the place, my stomach was tight and I hadn’t felt her move all morning. I called my mom, called Peyton and told them both I had to go to the labor and delivery department at the hospital. Talking to Peyton he was super calm, probably way to calm for me in a situation like this. Then I call my mom and she’s freaking out because this is a truly overwhelming moment.

9:30 am we arrive at the labor and delivery department. They hooked me up to the monitors and checked Emmalynn to make sure she was growing well. As soon as they put the heart monitor on me I was relieved to hear that she was okay. Pregnancy is a scary nine months of your life because at any moment things can go south. My doctor came in and informed me that I was now needing to be sent to the emergency room so the doctors down there could check my heart. All in this moment I’m nervous to find out what my results could be.

With this awful virus going around I definitely wasn’t planning on sitting in a waiting room with a bunch of sick people. A whole nine hours later not able to eat, or drink any thing Peyton and I sat waiting for my last results to come back. I had given 6 vials of blood, done a EKG (heart test) twice because the first one came back abnormal. Only because the nurse put in on my belly and Emmalynn made the test become defective. Then I was scheduled for a cat scan which was horrible for me because I’m extremely claustrophobic. The only reason they had assigned this test to my chart was to rule out blood cloths. During this test I had a type of dye push through my IV. The nurses said that it’s normal to feel warm while it goes in but once it entered my body I felt like I was on fire and couldn’t breathe.

Finally around 6 pm we got my results back and everything came back normal with my heart. However I was informed that after I have Emmalynn I needed to get more test run on my brain because When I was pregnant with P. My body went through dramatic changes, obviously cause I was pregnant. However my nervous system was affected and that maybe the cause of my vertigo. Unfortunately they couldn’t pin point the reason for my chest pains. Driving home from the hospital I was so excited to see my baby girl at home. The pain started happening again, this time it was accompanied with a burning pain in my throat. Could it be indigestion? Acid reflux? Did I truly just diagnosed myself after I’ve been in the hospital for Six whole hours!!!

When I drink water I have acid reflux, when I eat anything it starts to come back up and burn my throat along with the chest pains. Ahhh Only about five weeks left and I now have ACID REFLUX!!! What else could I get in the last weeks!!!! But thank God it’s acid reflux instead of me actually having a heart attack. 34 weeks pregnant and man am I getting ready to meet our littlest Middleton! I’m ready for our baby showers and folding her newborn clothes (which I have already) and getting ready for labor!! Once we got home I was overly starving and scarfed down a spicy deluxe sandwich from Chick-Fil-A. Along with a few cookies from a new place in Katy called Crumbl Cookies! I would definitely say it’s worth trying and the s’mores cookie was the Best!!!!! I’m thankful for another healthy week and I hope the next time we make a trip to labor and delivery I’m full term and ready to have our littlest Middleton!!

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