Just Another Teen Mom..

My life gave me “strength” marks, taught me to be the bravest I’ve ever had to be and calls me mama.

This blog is dedicated to all the girls who are young moms.

YOU are Magnificent.

YOU are Outstanding


You are Mighty

After watching all these shows about young parents I always hear the same thing people tell them oh she’s “just another teen mom” or your life is over your “just another teen mom”. The list can go on and I’m finally here to put a period on that sentence and say “No, I will not be just another teen mom” already I’m so much more! I graduated from high school, I’m in college and I’ve been writing blogs under this platform for two whole years now. So yes I maybe a young mom but I’ll never be “just another teen mom”. Being a mom is hard enough but could you try to put yourself in my shoes and understand for a second how words can affect someone.

“He’s gonna leave you and you will be just another teen mom”.

For me this didn’t happen and I’m so blessed to have such an amazing husband! I had people tell me that Peyton would leave, he wasn’t gonna stick around. But let me tell you, have faith in the guy your with because not every “baby daddy” leaves. In my friend group we have a lot of good dads who have stepped up to the plate! Don’t listen to the people who look down on young dads because of there personal situations didn’t work out.

You won’t be “just a teen mom” because you can provide a good life for your child. Yes it will be hard work and you will have to sacrifice a lot of things especially your teenager years but that’s worth it because the mom life is so much fun. The reality of getting pregnant young is that many of your “friends” will disappear and I think that hurts when your in the time of needing someone to talk to. You will see that the people who stick around are there for you no matter what.

In my opinion the people who use the excuses that they can’t hang out with you because you got pregnant. Or that their parents think your a bad influence on their kid. (Deep breathe) Let me make this clear!!!! Don’t ever let anyone judge you because you got pregnant. There are so many girls in high school who get pregnant and choose not to keep their baby. You shouldn’t be judged because we decided to keep our blessing when the girl who’s judging us had multiple abortions to hide what she does on the weekends.

That’s just the truth, deciding to become a mom is a huge responsibility. You should give yourself a pat on the back for bringing a beautiful life into this world and taking responsibility of your actions. This journey we are on, isn’t easy at all. Watching your friends decorate there dorms while your home building a baby crib. Viewing Instagram stories of your friends during the summer wearing bikinis and hanging out, while I’m trying on maternity jeans and buying nursing bras. This journey isn’t easy by no means and I couldn’t stress that enough. But you can do it!!!!!!!

Reality of being introduced to motherhood is different for everyone. Taking time for yourself as in self care is so important. I personally have fallen in the hole of letting myself go. From just throwing my hair up into a bun and not messing with it for days, not dressing up. Being okay with the t-shirt I have worn for two days because I’m so wrapped up into this mom life. Now a year and a half into motherhood (not including the 9 months of pregnancy) I have realized that taking time for self care is important for even your baby.

The hardest thing for me has been learning to let my mom watch P so that Peyton and I can have some alone time to strengthen our relationship! From my point of view never stress over people telling you to leave your baby when you aren’t comfortable with it. I have had many people tell me I should leave Paighton. I know some people might think it’s because moms need a break but GIVE ME TIME! If the roles were reverse and I always left P and never spent time with her they would be nagging me to come watch my child.

Believe in yourself when it comes to your parenting! Never just do something because someone else gave you the advice. This is your child you spent 9 months creating so you have all the rights to decide if you don’t want to give your child a paci. I had multiple people tell me that Paighton would become a thumb sucker or that we would cave and give in. I had people not believe in my choices as to how I was gonna raise my daughter, and that’s okay. Be willing to listen and have respect for what advice people have to give you because you have no idea what you are doing.

I can’t say this enough, finish your education! Don’t sell yourself short because you had a baby. Use that motivation to strive and be successful for your child. It’s hard being a stay at home mom and getting wrapped up in your new everyday schedule. School tends to be the last priority on your mind when you have mom duties.

Reach your goals and be better than you were yesterday. Being a mom is an amazing title I’ll forever love but having more titles under my name with degrees will help my future. To all the young moms keep striving and become successful. We aren’t “just teen moms” we are moms who get to love our babies a little bit longer. Get to cherish all the memories at a younger age and just love life with our babies!

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  2. Hey beautiful mommy ur not just another teen mom .. u r a brave mom that is important loved your words in the blog ..God bless u !


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