33 week update! * Bizarre News*

Can we just shout out that I only have SEVEN WEEKS LEFT!

So in this weeks doctors appointment we met our new doctor!! The only reason why I changed doctors was because my original doctor is sadly retiring and a new doctor took his place. Hearing the news that the doctor I’ve known for two years, was with me my first pregnancy and delivered Paighton flawlessly will no longer be with me.

The appointment we had yesterday was full of so many surprises! Thankfully Peyton was able to go with me and meet our new doctor! As our doctor came in she had informed us that none of my records were in the system. No one could find anything except the records from when I was pregnant with P. That’s TWO YEARS AGO!! Than she proceeded to ask me If I knew where they would be. As if I had them in a folder I bring with me every appointment.

She had informed me that the 33 weeks of my pregnancy was lost. All the blood test I’ve done, records of my blood pressure, even my weight gain all disappeared. Oh and the cherry on top to make everything better she did ask me why I have been seeing a high risk doctor throughout this pregnancy. We had no idea because every time I would ask the answer I would get would be “Your doctor sends all his patience here for ultrasounds”. Of course I believed them but looking back I never had to go to a high risk doctor for ultrasounds with Paighton. Our new doctor came back in and informed Peyton and I that our littlest Middleton has a marginal cord insertion. Which means her umbilical cord is inserted on the side of the placenta instead of at the top. In some cases this can cause your baby to have weight gain issues during pregnancy, Preterm birth, decreased blood flow to the fetus and in the worst cases a still birth.

Wow, just wow! I can’t even wrap my head around all this information. The fact that these past 8 months I’ve been going to see this high risk doctor and no one truly explained to us why we were coming. I think it’s because they didn’t want us to worry to much or for me to worry at all and make things worst. Thankfully at our last high risk appointment we were in the clear and discharged from seeing them again.

Our littlest Middleton is healthy as ever!!! I can’t thank God enough for such good news. However finding out weeks later the reason why we needed to go to the high risk doctor is a scary thought. Like the super supportive husband he is, Peyton always looks on the bright side! But as a mom I like to research and make sure I have knowledge of what’s happening with my baby. I’ve gained about 25 lbs so far, not craving pizza as much but it’s still delicious as ever. I still can’t believe I could possibly have a newborn next month!!!! There’s still so much to do before she comes and I’m so ready to meet her!

Night time has been the worst because my back causes me so much pain to the point where I can’t sleep. Our apartments bathtubs is so huge it can fit both Peyton and I comfortably. Which means my pregnancy belly and I can sit extremely comfortable in warm water. Which has helped my back in so many tremendous ways. Who Ever made the statement to get sleep before the baby arrives must of had a flawlessly pain free pregnancy because sleep hasn’t been on my agenda since the year 2017. 33 weeks pregnant and I can’t wait to be done and have two precious little girls to raise.

P sure loves her sissy!

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