Our 3D Ultrasound!!!

31 weeks and 4 days, is when I saw a glimpse of what our beautiful littlest Middleton will possibly look like. It’s outstanding to think that our grandmas never had ultrasounds and that they had to simply just wait till the day came when they found out what gender of a blessing they had. In this pregnancy I had the ultrasound of a life time and got to receive the blessing of seeing our little baby girl.

During my ultrasound I never expected what had happened. To say this is one of my last ultrasounds is true. I was a patient for a high risk doctor through out this whole pregnancy. Not because I’m “high risk” but because my original doctor sends his patients to get there ultrasounds on a high tech machine. I haven’t seen a ultrasound of our little girl since November. So seeing her now on the ultrasound, you could notice just how huge she has grown since the last time I jelly on my belly and a the magical wand gliding over my belly .

November ultrasound!
February ultrasound!

Just to look at her hands and see how much they have grown is an amazing feeling! Our baby girl now weighs around three pounds and 13 ounces. In just a little under eight weeks I’ll finally meet and feel her hands for the first time.

February ultrasound!

Every movement inside of me that she makes is a feeling of being blessed (no matter your age). Now that time is on a count down all I can ever imagine is,

“What will she look like?”

“Will she have my lips, my eyes? Or my nose?”

As the ultrasound tech scanned over Emmalynn’s face it was always covered by her hand or in this case her foot as well. My ultrasound tech told me to cough to try and make her move but of course THAT DID NOT WORK! I rolled over to my side and still nothing, I can already tell that Emmalynn is soooo different than Paighton. P was constantly in the camera like she is now. My heart is happy because I will soon have my little family all together. We will no longer have to wonder what she will look like. Because our eyes will be glued to her little cute nose and tiny toes. Getting to see her on the ultrasound is an amazing experience especially to hear her heart rate and see her movements.

I still can’t believe that I’m growing such a beautiful little baby girl. I never had a 3D ultrasound with Paighton so to go through his experience with Emmalynn is remarkable. Sadly Peyton had to miss this ultrasound due to work but having these photos to share with him is a blessing. April 5th can’t come fast enough because I’m ready to meet her and see how P reacts to having a little sister.

Head full of hair already!

To my complete surprise we even got a picture of her HAIR!!! what?!?? She has hair already??? I have had absolutely no heart burn, so we can scratch off that old wise tale off our list because it didn’t happen with P and it hasn’t happen with Emmalynn. It’s funny to me how I think my babies will come out bald because of that old wise tale and so far it’s been proven wrong (in my case). Bald babies are so cute don’t get me wrong but babies with hair are just even more fun to dress up! From day one I had bows that clipped into P’s hair because the headband bows just looked really funny on her, (because she had so much hair everywhere). I can’t wait for the days when my girls go to play dress up and do each other’s hair! I’ve been blessed to be a girl mom and honestly wouldn’t want it any other way. Of course one day I’ll want a boy but for now Peyton will be out numbered by the female race! Hey, I don’t make the gender so I’m not the one to blame for all the hormones that will be in our house hold!

Here’s a rare bump picture, I haven’t been the best with taking as many pictures as I did with Paighton. I’m excited for my belly to continue growing, but I’m even more excited to stare at our baby girl rather than these ultrasound photos!

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