Braxton Hicks To The Er.

Oh Sunday are our family days where we go to church in the morning, grab donut holes in the cafe before service starts and listen to the praise of our All Almighty.

However this Sunday was a lot different. Peyton and I (& P of course) were on our way to try out the In & Out burger place that opened up probably months ago. Peyton and I have learned that you don’t eat at new places the first month that it opens. Reason being back in 2017 Peyton and I went to whiskey cake for our prom dinner (they had a good vegetarian meal choices for our friends who didn’t eat meat). Well I decided to get the “OMG Burger” that was on the menu (which is crazy because I don’t even eat beef) and I choose the burger over the salmon. Just a few hours later while we just got to prom both of us were sweating profusely. Neither of us wanted to tell each other that we were feeling some rumbling in our stomach. So yes we left Prom early because of a good case of food poisoning and to this day still makes a good story.

Right as we got to In & Out the line was still excessively long and these “cramps” I was feeling was just uncomfortable. This mama wasn’t about to sit in a small mustang and wait in a hour long line. So Chinese it was!!! We got home, ate dinner, and STILL I had these cramps that didn’t want to go away even after I ate and drank water. Hours passed and I was still in pain, a warm shower and a 15 minute soak in the water eased the pain but didn’t stop it. Sleeping is always a pain in the rear end but this night wasn’t any fun! Tossing and turning, getting up to pee every 30 minutes is my normal nightly routine. And the pain and cramps just piled on to the agony of sleeping while pregnant.

Monday came and I couldn’t even sit on my couch without feeling uncomfortable. My fear of going into preterm labor was a real as I had went into preterm labor twice with P. Peyton got home from work and I still hadn’t had a break. My mom suggested that I go to the Er to be on the safe side of things. I hate going to the hospital as there’s so many sick people. The scare of the corona virus is even scarier when your pregnant and have a toddler home.

Our trip to the Er started with Peyton and I walking in and explaining myself to the nurse at the desk. Of course I knew she didn’t take me seriously because I wasn’t “rolling” on the ground screaming like the tv shows portrayed. So we sat in the waiting room for a hour till someone came and got us. Tons of test were performed, my cervix was checked and I had a ultrasound that didn’t feel so good because they needed to check if she was breathing well and the cramps weren’t putting her in distress. The good news was that Emmalynn is already head down getting ready for the big day THAT WAS NOT COMING TODAY! And to our surprise she already has a full head of hair!!!

The doctors ran a preterm labor test which came out negative (thank the lord)! Even though our hospital visit lasted three hours (three long hours away from our baby girl) I’m glad I under went all the test just to make sure our littlest Middleton was safe and sound in her womb. I hope next time we go to the labor and delivery suite (in 9 weeks) I’ll be in labor and having our baby when she’s ready to make her presence to the world. We found out what was causing my cramps were a UTI and sometimes it can get so bad that it causes cramps (Braxton Hicks) that can hurt excessively you feel like your in labor. Thank God for modern medicine and keeping our little girl and I safe. Even if I have to deal with Braxton Hicks (for the next 9 weeks) till they turn into real contractions so be it!!! As long as my babies are okay I’ll go through anything because woman are stronger than we think!

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