31 Weeks Update!

Just NINE weeks left and I’m nervous, excited and not really sure if I’m “ready” for another baby (yeah well you should of thought about that 8 months ago…yEs I kNoW kArEn). Ready or not she’s coming and coming quicker than I thought. With Gods blessing we moved into our new apartment and I’m blessed to have more space to just breathe! The girls have there own room and Peyton and I have our own space.

I don’t know why I thought packing and moving would be fun but it’s NOT! Especially at 31 weeks pregnant every day things are starting to get more exhausting. Now I’m definitely not one to complain but having a toddler while pregnant is a real job! Two under two…I don’t even think I truly understand what’s in store for me. But hey that’s the adventure and journey that I’ll be taking.

In these last nine weeks of having a only child my heart is full of joy to see her grow up and become an amazing independent young toddler. But at the same time these last nine weeks are the only weeks left I’ll forever have where it’s just me and her. You would think that I have taught Paighton a lot (which I have) but she’s taught me more than I could of ever imagined. I learned that life is so much more than stressing over things that won’t matter in the long run! I learned to step up for myself believing in how I wanted to raise my daughter even when I felt like the world was against me. I’m forever thankful to have had the alone time learning to become a mother parenting paighton.

With being 31 weeks pregnant means I’ve finally hit the 8 month mark. Along with the growing pains and new “strength” marks I’m just exhausted and ready to take a nap every second of the day. My wardrobe is consisted of leggings and large t-shirts and my hair up in a bun. My cravings are pepperoni pizza from cici’s and blue bell vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Other than that I don’t favor anything else. But growing pains have been a true bummer lately Which makes me nervous for labor. I’m trying my best to keep my positive mindset that I can indeed conquer another natural birth but the fear I have that I won’t be strong enough just covers my thoughts. However the fear of getting a epidural definitely puts the consideration of a epidural out the window. But the lord knows just how strong I can be and how strong woman are!

In these next nine weeks my body will be changing for the better even if it will never fit in a size 4 pair of jeans ever again. My life will change and looking back on these blogs will remind me of the cherish memories my family has created!

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