MOVING to bigger and better!!

September 10,2018 Peyton and I moved into our first home together with our little baby girl Paighton.

18 & 19 years old, p was 1 month old

Woah thank God for the glow up!

When Peyton and I first moved into this home it was perfect for us. There was plenty of space and I could never imagine how many memories we could of experienced in this home. Paighton has grown so much in and reached so many milestones. It’s a bittersweet moment to finally say goodbye after a year and four months. As we begin to pack our memories away and wash away the moments we created my heart aches because this was our first home.

Sitting in a living room with empty walls and scrolling through Pinterest for ideas of our new place I’m over excited but know my heart will be broken once we officially shut these doors for one last time. This chapter in our life has its many ups and downs and this home has witness each and every ounce of pain, happiness, excitement, fear and joy we had to offer. Packing away our clothes and seeing the closet become bare and our room being packed away just reminds me that not everything last forever. I remember the first night we moved in was a exciting but overwhelming moment of freedom to live on my own.

Paighton learned to eat solid foods with her dada once he came home from work.

Paighton learned to crawl at 9 months old.

Paighton learned to walk,

All these milestones were achieved in our little “Doll house”. Not only Paighton’s milestones but a milestones as a family. I found out I was pregnant with our second baby girl in our bathroom and surprised Peyton and P with the news in the living room. This house has been our home no matter how small it may feel now it will forever be a big part of our journey.

Updating y’all on our new place, we will be moving to a two bed room, two full bath apartment this month. Which means Paighton will finally get her own room. My heart wants to explode every time I think of it because I never got to do a nursery for her. Her whole life Paighton had to share a room with Peyton and I. I had no problem with it but every mom wants to decorate a space for her baby girl. Now not only will I have one baby girl but I have two baby girls to decorate for and I feel blessed!

Just a year ago our lives were so different. Not only that but a month ago Peyton and I had no plans of leasing an apartment. We were trying to go straight into a house. With Gods guidance we knew that the amount of time we had to move out before Emmalynn was born wasn’t enough time for us to fully find our dream house. God has changed our lives in so many positive and emotional ways it has made us stronger. 2020 is our year as a family. We will move into a bigger place, we will become a family of four, and this will be the first year that Peyton and I celebrate our first year of marriage.

Peyton has run through thick and thin to provide, care, and grow our family and I can’t express enough how proud I am of this man. Any man can have a child but it takes a real man to step up and be a father. I can’t wait to update y’all on my pregnancy and our new home!

I love you my handsome husband!

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