27 weeks update!

Yayyy another BUMP DATE!!

Let me just say it for you,

Woah this pregnancy has gone by so fast.

This second pregnancy has just flown by and your so right!! I’m almost at the finish line to holding our baby girl. At 27 weeks pregnant I have experience a lot of shortness of breath which is normal In some cases. I’ve gained a total of only 19 lbs this pregnancy which is remarkable because my first pregnancy I was catching those pounds left and right. It was all worth it because I had a beautiful, healthy, chunky 8lb 4 oz baby. Now with Miss Emmalynn, Peyton highly thinks she will be around six to seven pounds. Only because my stomach isn’t as “big” as it was with paighton.

This week I’ve experienced constipation pains (sorry tmi). When night time comes along that’s when every ache and pain decides to flourish in my presence! Lucky me right because who needs to sleep. It was about 9:00 pm when Peyton and I finally got home, thankfully Paighton didn’t wake up when we moved her from the truck to the bed. Because mama was in pain, and really having to find a position to ease this discomfort. After two cups of back to back water my discomfort seemed to ease up. Was this truly the answer?? Just drink more water? I felt like it was a slap in the face because what happened next was excruciating.

My stomach became extremely tight and the pain was just crushing my spine. I knew these were due to my constipation so I decided to take a stool softener. Expecting for the pill to work its magic and take my pain away. Oh boy was I 100 percent WRONG! Within 10 minutes or less the pill had worked but the pain from everything in my body shifting to make its way out was just a feeling of agony. I jumped out of the bed to make my way to the bathroom. But before I could reach the bed room door my pain hit me like a dump truck. Completely and so unexpectedly it took me by surprise. Tears filled my eyes and ran down my face while I was trying to catch my breath.

I know what your probably thinking,

How could you conquer labor but not constipation pains?

Well it’s because labor pains give you a break in between And I’m so not prepared for labor right now. As a good husband Peyton is he jumped out of bed to come comfort me as I was just a total mess. From the pain and the hormones I was straight water works. He started rubbing my belly and my back but nothing was helping this pain I was enduring. I knew that it was only temporary and that it would pass. Pregnancy is just a world wind for me!

Emmalynn is super active at night and tends to only kick me when I’m trying to go to sleep. Paighton on the other hand has been super attached to me (only at nights). She will roll over, hug my neck and give me a kiss right before she goes to sleep. If that’s not the cutest thing ever than I have no idea what is. Since Peyton comes home so much earlier because of his new job, paighton and his relationship has grown so much stronger! She tends to completely forget about me when dada is home. I’m sad because she’s not mommy’s little girl anymore but at the same time I’m glad that she’s Peyton’s “body guard” (what he calls her). They both definitely have become closer as father and daughter. It truly melts my heart!

Having only about 13 weeks left till we meet our littlest Middleton I’m just overwhelmed because we have so much going on in the month of February. Which I’ll make a whole different blog about that for y’all! We still have to have a baby shower for our littlest princess Along with maturity photos and than just get ready to endure labor once again! I can’t wait to see how these next 13 weeks will pan out and to see what God has in store for this pregnancy.

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