Why is it at this time in age I’m getting “congratulations” every time I walk out into the world? By all means I’m truly grateful but is it because I’m no longer 18 years old and still in high school? Is it the fact that now I’m married (as if random people could tell).

When I was pregnant with Paighton not once did someone say congratulations to me. Yeah, after I had just given birth but not when I was pregnant. This makes me wonder why people still hold on to the fact that having a baby at 18 years old is the dooms of our generation. I have loved both of my pregnancies and I think from now on out I will forever feel the sense that people are judging me while I’m pregnant just because they did when I was 18. I have overcame the piercing stares of disappointment, the snarky comments and the older generation asking me multiple intense degree’s of questions just to get my life story in the short two minute ride In the elevator.

Why is it at 18 years old did I not get a simple “Congratulations” but at the age of 20 the whole world wants to send me a prodigious care package for being pregnant? Its outstanding how things can change in just under two years. I’m wiser in my parenting knowledge and know how to stand on my own two feet of confidence and walk out into the world. I’ve learned to accept the “congratulations” comments and take them as I concurred the struggles of being a teen mom. I’ve had enough confidence to share my story publicly to inform and encourage many and multiple people. I have used the “congratulations” comments as stepping stones to a higher platform to focus on the best things of my pregnancies.

Most People only say “congratulations” because they see that you are expecting. When really it should mean “congratulations” on the new experiences you will be enjoying. “Congratulations” on getting no sleep because you want to spend all of your time with your new bundle of joy. “Congratulations” on the new wardrobe you get to wear and the 10 minute make up tutorials you now watch because you barely have time for anything. “Congratulations” to the two minute showers you now take because your time is not wrapped around hour long showers, and if you do get hour long showers well let me just be the first to say “congratulations”. As my husband would like to input “congratulations” on the car rides with a screaming baby, along with “congratulations” on the multiple blow outs you will encounter.

“Congratulations” because life as you know it has changed! You have to learn a new normal and balance time for yourself in the mix of parenthood. However why is it that most of the time only mothers get told “congratulations” as if fathers had no part in the miracle making process. Fathers should be recognized just as much as mothers, fathers have a hard demanding role as well. Imagine having to leave your precious new born just days after you welcomed them into this beautiful world, just to go to work. The fathers role is to provide for the family but it takes countless efforts of sacrifice. I can’t imagine how Peyton felt going back to college and working part time when Paighton was just four days old . He left at 5:30 am and arrived around 7 pm every night and came home with a smiling face even when he was exhausted.

Pregnancy is hard, labor is hard and parenting is hard but “CONGRATULATIONS” you are getting through it.

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