How the married life is different.

Already one whole month of being Peyton Middleton’s wife and I’m so grateful I will have this title till death do us part. People will ask hows the married life and my answer is…

“It’s definitely a different chapter in life”.

Reasons why it’s different:

1. I no longer have to feel weird and receive ugly replies when the older generation ask if I’m married. Yessss I’m married now! You can back off and keep your claws in check. No ones breaking your rules anymore.

2. When I introduce Peyton to new people as if I don’t have the same friends as him, I now can introduce him as my husband! He’s passed the boyfriend stage, and so long the fiancé. Now I’m a wifey for lifey! It’s such a satisfying feeling.

3. The fact that you know your love for each other is so strong and devoted that you both committed your life to each other. That’s something some couples can’t do, and some people don’t want to do.

I know people say marriage is just a piece of paper but it’s more than that. Marriage isn’t like the fairy tales and you live happily ever after. But it’s something you both put your heart and soul into just to make it work. I believe that the honeymoon stage can last forever. (If you don’t believe so, than did you truly marry your best friend?) yes there will be fighting and even thoughts of how can he not pick up his dirty clothes from the bathroom floor and walk less than 1 foot and put them in the washer? But if he was perfect you never would know how much they mean to you. Because you would never have to work for your relationship. I know, what some people are thinking…if you are in a happily married relationship you wouldn’t have to “work” for it. And here’s where I’ve come to say that a young marriage while already having a baby is a lot harder to work with.

Having a kid young than getting married can be challenging in the long run rather than getting married at a normal age without a kid. I see it as when you have a baby young and get married you are still growing up urself and finding who you are. Along with having to grow up with someone as well. Learning to love them as they change from a teenager to a adult can be challenging at times because everyone does change. Accepting who they are as a adult is what’s best for the both of you, as long as their behavior is positive.

To put in the mix of it all, adding a baby in the situation is not for a weak relationship. You are tested and tried! 4 am diaper changes can be hard on anyone and When you are exhausted and just want him to help. it’s easy to start yelling at your significant other as they are peacefully sleeping right next you. Most fights do start with the fact of the mother does need more “help” than sometimes a significant other might think. A mother’s job isn’t easy at all, some moms have a awesome routine that works wonders for them and most moms wing each day and drink just enough coffee to get through breakfast without falling asleep in her pancakes. Motherhood is the hardest job anyone can have. If your not a mom (or dad), sorry but your Opinion on the hardest job in the world isn’t valid. Till you finally lay your head on the pillow, washed out the week old knot in your hair and you changed your underwear. Just to sneeze and wake up your sleeping baby that took you two hours to put down.

Having a baby at a young age changed how I thought married life would be like for me. My daughter got the privilege of having the love of my life’s last name before I did. My daughter was apart of my wedding day, where I’ll forever cherish her and that day. My daughter made Peyton and I’s love so much stronger it’s unimaginable. No, because of my daughter Peyton and I didn’t get married. No, Peyton and I didn’t get married at 19 and 20 just because we had a baby. No, I didn’t marry Peyton just because he’s the father of my child. Yes, I married Peyton at 19 because we were already planning on getting married it just gave us even more reason to. Yes, not only is Peyton the love of my entire life but bonus is that he’s the father of my children.

I absolutely love being married because I married my best friend who I can be completely honest, vulnerable, strong willed and full of life with. I never wanted to post pone my wedding date so I was old enough to serve alcohol at my event, or had enough money to go on a fancy trip right after. (Even tho my mom did give us a fancy trip as our honeymoon right before the wedding). So many people are stuck on the wrong idea of what a wedding is suppose to be all about. It’s not about a open bar, where you plan to have your bachelorette party, I didn’t even have one.

Getting married is about committing your love, life, and body to one person for the rest of your days. It’s about having your guest feel the love and remember how you feel in that moment. Your guest will leave thinking “wow they absolutely love each other” rather than “man those Center pieces were the best part of the wedding”. I may not have had thousands and thousands of dollars to spend on my wedding but it was beautiful! Because my family and friends got to experience the love Peyton and I have for each other!

However just remember a marriage isn’t just a piece of paper. It’s a commitment you make to each other for the rest of your life! So if you love someone more than anything in this world, why wait till you can have material items or can afford the biggest, grandest venue in the world. It’s one day when this marriage you committed to is the rest of your life!

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