23 weeks pregnant update

This pregnancy has by far flown by. As excited as we are to only have about 17 weeks left there is still so much to do till our second bundle of joy gets here!

With a ton of congratulations my amazing husband starts his new job on Monday!!! (Go comment on his page “congratulations on the new job”). This job change has and will change our life in so many ways. Currently Peyton and I are on the hunt to find our first home before our littlest Middleton arrives!! Three months to you may seem impossible but hey my life has been about getting over impossible obstacles no one ever believes we would be able to. At the end of the day getting into a house is our ultimate goal even if it takes longer than three months.

My cravings so far has been pepperoni pizza or cheese from Cici’s. Anything spicy is my game, I love to eat the green sauce from Tex taco and two beef tacos on corn. My taste buds have kicked nacho Doritos out and I fell in love with the cool ranch flavor. Moving on to the healthier side of snacks, cucumbers chopped up soaked in apple cider vinegar topped with tony seasoning is THE BEST!

Pain??? Oh sweetheart yes my back feels like it might just shatter into a million pieces at the end of the day. There’s no time to sleep when you have a toddler who’s constantly on the move. From crawling onto the couch and climbing on top of our end table. My eyes are glued on the dangers that could possibly happen. Paighton has absolutely no fear and my gosh she thinks that jumping on the couch is the funniest thing in the world. Sometimes I just want to pause time and fall asleep.

Pregnancy is hard by itself but throw a toddler in the mix and house duties on top of homework, staying up to date on my blogs and selling candles. I’m tired!!!!! However the excitement on our changing life has kept me going and motivating! I’ve noticed in this pregnancy I haven’t taken any bump pictures every week like I did with P. From now on till I deliver I’ll make it a effort to take a picture and post it on my Instagram for all to see!

During this cold weather change this week I’ve been so congested That it has caused me to have a horrible migraine. I went four days without wanting to take any medicine and one the fifth day I had enough! I finally dreaded the pain and had asked Peyton to get me some medicine. At this time we were at Peyton’s parents house and like a total mom my mom in law always has medicine for almost every situation which is very handy! But of course the one time I want to relieve the pain with medicine it’s the only one they had ran out of. Maybe it was God sending me a sign that I didn’t need it. Sure enough moments later my headache disappeared.

With just about 16 weeks left I can’t wait but feel so excited about the journey to come! I can’t wait to celebrate Peyton’s 21st birthday in February, maternity Photos and our baby shower in March and to meet our littlest Middleton at the end of March or early April. Each week that passes it closer and closer to meeting our baby. Paighton has already taken the roll of being a Big Sister so seriously. She loves to constantly rub and kiss my belly every chance she gets.

We can’t wait for all the many more adventures we get to share with you all!

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