Haley Schwing’s Gift of Giving

During the holiday season so many people are wrapped up with the idea of how will they decorate their tree? What type of lights do they want on there house? What gifts will they receive and how much money they have to spend? However we tend to forget the importance of what’s really behind Christmas and that’s the Gift of Giving.

A local resident In Katy had a bright and thoughtful idea as she would remember what’s really the reason for the season. Every holiday, whether it be Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving or the biggest Holiday; Christmas. Tons of homeless men, women, and even children tend to go unnoticed to our thoughts as we are so busy focusing on our needs and wants.

Haley Schwing had the idea to make care packages. “They each had one toothbrush, a little thing of toothpaste, pop tarts and granola bars for breakfast. Crackers and cookies for a snack, a water bottle and wet wipes”.

She then drove around Katy and passed out the packages to a few of the homeless men and women in our community. She explained to me,

“I’d rather give a little bit that I can rather than just drive by.”

This made me see things a little bit different because as a mom I hope when My Daughters get older they have a kind heart. Not many people think of using there hard earn money and time to

1. Spend the money for these items.

2. Have the time to put them together in each baggies and even write an inspirational note on them.

3. Have the time to drive around katy to find each and everyone of these beautiful people.

This is what Christmas is all about. The Gift of Giving can simply change someone’s entire life or something as small as the mood they are in. Many homeless people don’t have families to go home to. Don’t get to call a love one and tell them Merry Christmas. Instead most of them travel from shelter to shelter everyday Or pick a stoplight just praying someone would spare some change. The reality is this is their way of life and how they have to survive.

While on this Gift of Giving journey Haley would say

“Happy holidays, hang in there!”.

Or even

“Here you go God bless you”.

When she would give out the care packages. Haley stated that the men and woman would speak with so much gratitude towards her replying back with,

“Thank you so much, God bless”.

When I asked Haley how does this random act of kindness make you feel she stated.

“I want to actually try to keep up with it because it makes me happy when I can give back to the people that maybe don’t have as much as I do.”

I wanted to know more about her thoughtful decision so I asked what made you think of this generous idea? Without a doubt her answer surprised me.

“My little brother actually got my attention of a veteran that was in A wheelchair because he lost one of his legs. He asked me can we bring him some food one day and so I just turned it into making care packages”

Not only did she complete the idea of actually giving out the care packages, her little brother who is just 11 years old sparked her interest into giving back.

Haley and her little brother

That’s when you know their parents raised them to be kind and think about others. My heart is so full that there are still good people in our community that think about others during this special holiday. So next time you think about all the wonderful parties and family get together’s you encounter over the holiday. Remember to think like Haley and give the gift of giving. Show someone that they mean something homeless or not. Maybe leave a random sticky note on your coworkers desk with a sweet delightful note. Or even give a homeless person A bag of essentials with a encouraging note on them like Haley did. Our world is a better place when we learn to love and appreciate others.

Haley Schwing, 20 years old

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