Austyn kissamis Coaching Program for weight loss and confidence building!

I had the privilege of speaking to a well educated woman. Austyn Kissamis is a mom of Two children a Gorgeous daughter named Peyton who is Three years old.

Along with a handsome son named Maverick who is just five months old!

On my daily scroll through Instagram I always noticed her stories on how she’s coaching, helping moms and individuals just become more confident in their own skin! So I decided to share her story!

Hello, so I got into coaching because after two babies nothing is the same anymore. Your friend groups change, your body changes how you view your self changes all while going through postpartum depression. So I told myself you know what Austyn you’re going to change it right now! One day I was just going through social media and who is my awesome coach now popped up and I just thought to myself why not take the chance and do something that is actually for me for once!

So I went for it and I’m so thankful that I did because Im happy again, I found my little tribe of women I belong with who we’re going through the same thing I was. Now I get to help other women and mommy’s who are going through what I went through and getting to watch them reach their goals has been the best thing I’ve ever done. Getting to be apart of this little tribe of women I get to help is amazing everyone is so positive and there for one another pushing each other to be the best version of themselves while looking fabulous of course. So thankful I took the risk of being a coach an bettering my mind,my body, my soul and getting to help other women do the same!

Explain how your coaching works.

So how my coaching works is other women and mommy’s reach out to me or I even reach out to them if I’m like this person would be a great fit to our team! We talk about their goals an what they want to achieve then I figure out what would be the best workout program for them to crush these goals! Anything they’ll need in the process then I’m their biggest fan the entire time every step of the way.

How do you manage your daily life?

Being a mommy of two ( Peyton 3yrs old & Maverick 5 months ) and a stay at home mom while trying to run my own business is a lot and can be a little exhausting so I always turn to my “ mommy juice” to give me the uplift like coffee does but so much better for you without the crash afterwards. Being this busy before coaching I would forget to eat breakfast or even lunch sometimes and wouldn’t eat until dinner , now every morning I have my superfood shake that gives me all these nutrients that I’m missing in other areas, I love these superfood shakes so much I would have them as dessert.

What is your mommy juice?

My mommy juice is our energize that I use everyday whether it’s to give me a boost of energy to start the day or energy before a workout.

Do you have specials or offers?

We always have special offers going especially right now we are releasing a new program called barre blend that is low impact and great for women who want to ease back into working out again and there are different packages they can get that have different products or want to switch to something else or even add to it they can as well.

How can you join?

You can join just by simply giving me your email and I would enroll you and that would make me your coach.

What’s your advice to individuals?

I would tell them their not alone! How they feel or what they are going through I went through the same thing. You can do this, you can give yourself some self love because you do deserve it! You have a tribe of women who are rooting for you and want to see you happy and achieve your goals whether there physical goals or emotional or even mental goals. We are the friends you never knew you needed. ( gosh got me all in my feels now lol) it’s crazy because I’ve been friends with people for years and never really felt like they understood me and I’ve know some of these new people for a few months and we just get eachother!☺️

I love her story and how she shares her journey with the world on social media. Austyn definitely shows us that a stay at home mom can juggle wife duties, being a mommy of 2 children and still managing to do what’s best for her. I would encourage so many woman and individuals to join her program and do what’s best for you!! Self care is so important and here’s your chance to make a difference in your life with such an amazing mom Austyn Kissamis who knows how to encourage you!!

Her Instagram = @austyn_kissamis

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