Finding out the gender of our baby #2

This journey of finding out the gender of our second baby was a twist of emotions.

So here’s how it happened…

On September 18,2019 I had a ultrasound of our littlest Middleton. During my ultrasound I had noticed something completely different than Paightons Past ultrasound pictures. At first I didn’t want to overthink and start to make assumptions as to what the gender might be.

one of the ultrasounds..a boy?

During this ultrasound I had noticed a very distinct feature from between my baby’s legs. Could we be having a little boy? My heart melted with excitement of the fact that we could be the parents of a baby boy! I tried to act calm because I was hoping Peyton hadn’t noticed it too, or I was wanting to see a boy area on our baby.

Disclaimer!!!!! Regardless of what we have I was still going to be over the moon excited because he or she would be my baby! My Body was forming and creating a miracle uniquely from Peyton and I.

Peyton’s eyes grew bigger as he starred at the ultrasound, but this time at the edge of his seat. He looked at me with such surprise and whispered “is that a boy” my heart felt like it jumped from the fact that he too saw it. In our last pregnancy we waited till 19 weeks to find out the gender of Paighton! With all my heart I wanted to do the same. However I decided to ask the technician what her opinions might be on the view of our babies ultrasounds. SHE TOO SAID ITS A POSSIBILITY OUR BABY IS A BOY!!!! That same day I took a blood test to be sent off the the lab for them to Annalise and see our babies DNA.

Almost Three whole weeks later I got the call back from the lab. Peyton was at work so I alone for this magical moment of officially finding out the gender of our littlest Middleton. On the phone the lady asked if I was positive if I wanted to know the gender. Deep down I wanted to say no and be surprised at our gender reveal party. But as a future wife I know I wanted to put my future husbands emotions before mine and find out the gender early this time! The lady on the phone kept asking if I was ready to find out and all I wanted to say was “we’re having a boy right?

Her voice paused mid sentence as she got ready to tell me our babies gender. She stated “based on the blood test that we have received from you on September 18,2019 it shows that…” I was just waiting for her to say BOY! I was knew in my heart that might be the answer! “It’s a girl” at first I felt like I had miss heard her so I asked for her to say the gender again. “I’m sorry ma’am did you said it’s a girl?” Overwhelmingly excited to have two girls, but in complete shock to find out that my gut feeling of my babies gender was wrong.

For about a week I felt like it didn’t process to the extent that I indeed was having another girl. I searched through google of the multiple reasons why the gender blood test could be wrong. was I apart of the two percent who got the wrong gender? Than I thought, well of course it had to say girl because the blood test came from me. I did more research on the test to find out that my babies DNA is flowing through my veins and that’s how they Annalise what her gender was. It was all pretty fascinating to read how our medical field has become so advance! When just a few decades ago mothers had to wait till they gave birth to know what gender they will have. Imagine not knowing till the day you deliver, not being able to paint the nursery pink or blue but instead a neutral color because you have no idea. Since Peyton and I already knew before everyone else we decided to not have a gender reveal but instead reveal our babies gender at our wedding! All of our family and closest friends were already joining us so why not? I must say this idea was by far the cutest one yet! I came up with the idea that once my dad (he’s the person who married us) announces for the “very first time Mr & Mrs. Middleton” our moms would get up and pop off the color of our newest Middleton at our wedding!

Our Family absolutely loved this idea to announce our littlest Middleton’s gender. My mother in law and my mom had the privilege of popping off the color. This made me feel so absolutely special because both of my daughters were honored at our wedding. Emmalynns gender was reveled and Paighton got to walk down the aisle with her father! AsEven after we announced the gender Peyton and I were still a little unsure if our littlest Middleton was in-fact a girl.

On November 13,2019 we had our hour long anatomy scan ultrasound. In this ultrasound It was gonna be a for sure view of our babies gender reveal! Before the ultrasound Peyton and I still believe there is a chance that our baby could be a boy.

During the ultrasound our technician made sure that everything was healthy and functioning how it’s suppose to be. With the grace of God our baby was healthy and actively moving!

The time has finally come that we have been waiting for! The confirmation of our baby’s gender! During this hour long ultrasound I had asked the technician if she could get a view of our babies gender. Easy right?? Just get a picture of her gender and we’re done! Welllllllllllllllll with our littlest Middleton I’ve noticed that she’s very different than paighton already. She’s more reserved to herself and likes to hide when we do ultrasounds. By far different from P because she was always in front of the camera and ready to say hi to her parents. After our baby flipping and turning away from the camera our technician told me to roll over on My side and start to cough in hopes that our baby would move in a position that we could see the gender. Of course nothing helped and our wonderful technician finally found our babies gender!!!!!!!

It’s a girl!!!!!

Little Miss Emmalynn was confirmed! We both were over joyed that we were the parents of two baby girls! My world is gonna be full of glitter, baby dolls and a whole lot of sass! I wouldn’t change it for the world! I’ve been blessed to be a Girl mom! To raise independent, strong, powerful, world changing woman! Because who runs the world? Obviously Girls… This experience is definitely one for the books!

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