Faith Walden Successful Story!

Faith and her baby girl Lillian

I was 20 going on 21 when I found out I was pregnant. Don’t get me wrong that isn’t very young but my boyfriend and I were definitely not ready to be parents at the time. We were still young, immature and definitely didn’t act our age. I found out I was pregnant in a small town in Pennsylvania seeing one of our friends that works on the pipeline. I had noticed that my period was late, I took a test while being super worried about the outcome. I was extremely scared and didn’t have to pee and I honestly thought I did it wrong. I put the test into my jacket pocket and put it out of my mind and forgot about it. Later I pulled it out and noticed it had two lines but one of them was faint. I was scared because like I said I thought I did it wrong.

I waited for my boyfriend to wake up so I could tell him and honestly I was terrified of his reaction. He finally woke up after I kept making a load of noise and he was like “what’s your problem” and I finally got the words out of my mouth which he didn’t believe me till I showed him and I also told him that I thought it might not be right because of what I did. So we bought another test and took it at two A.M at some small gas station in God knows what town but this time the line was not faint and they came up super fast. At this moment our future was definitely on a different path. What made me decide to be her parent, was that I’ve always told myself I’d never have an abortion and that adoption was never my option. Even though it was going to change my life I knew that there was gonna be good times and bad. I knew if I always had her dad by my side to walk with me in this crazy thing we call life, I knew that everything was going to be okay.

Our reaction to the news of being pregnant was pretty good but as for our families reaction about the situation, his family wasn’t to happy for the what there son had just got himself into which I mean makes since because his mom had experience being a young mom with him and his brother. Where as my family was a little more understanding and didn’t have to much to say about it but I mean my family doesn’t really care to much about what I do. They never really had much to tell me, they always told me that they were my choices to make and they would be there if they could. But as for his family they had much more to say like we needed to think about other options and at one point they even asked if he was sure the baby was his, side note to kinda help y’all understand why that went across there minds,he had literally just got home from Hawaii when I got pregnant. so I mean I guess it makes since that they would have question the situation however the reality of the situation is that there son was the father and our life’s were about to change plus he was the only person I was with or was thinking about At the time I got pregnant so I mean to me what they said hurt and it didn’t go without causing some problems between him and I.

We were willing to work out those small bumps in the road and mind you those were definitely not the only obstacles we had faced when I was pregnant. Well You know how I mentioned early that he had just got home and I mean we weren’t officially together or anything since he wasn’t home yet but I guess in my eyes we were and we’ll come to find out that wasn’t what he thought but back to what I was saying I was probably about two months pregnant and I got a messages from some girl in Hawaii telling me that he was with her and a bunch of other stuff that I didn’t need to be hearing at a time in my life. I was already stressed out about having a baby so no one wants to find out about the person they are with was being with another person especially when you think y’all were talking. To add on to the stress of what I was already dealing with I was definitely having pregnancy hormones but I let it go because we weren’t together as my sister pointed out to me and I was a little more understanding about it.

But don’t go anywhere there is way more juicy stuff to dive into. Like cheating and arguments with family and so much more. Well I believe I was almost 3 months pregnant at this point and I had gotten the chance to get on His phone for the first time like ever and there was stuff on there that would of broke anyone’s heart from him sending nudes to someone, to him getting pictures from them, and to him talking to other girls. My heart was broken and I hated him for it, it wasn’t fair to me especially since I was pregnant and scared of what my future was going to be like but I decided to end things with him because I didn’t deserve to be put through that at all. A month later I decided to give it another shot with him because I was pregnant with his baby and I really wanted my daughter to have her parents together.

Fast forward to the day I had my daughter we went in for a doctor appointment and they told me that my blood pressure was to high that I would be induced. I was so scary because I was only 38 weeks and still had two week left. We went into the hospital and they got all my induction process started. First they started with the cervix softener and then later they gave me the progesterone which is like something to help your body start the process of labor which isn’t fun at all because that’s what starts the contraction and I wasn’t making any progress other then my cervix getting soft. So they gave me this ballon thing and at this point I still hadn’t got any drugs and let me tell you that ballon hurts especially when they put it in, it was uncomfortable as hell. I finally started dilating… you would think yay right but the contractions were so bad because it wasn’t happening for me naturally it was all the drugs and let me tell you those aren’t normal contractions at all. So since I was at six cm they went ahead a broke my water. which is so weird but the pain started to get so bad, I finally decided at like 24 hours of labor to go ahead with the epidural.

Andrew and I preparing for the arrival of our daughter.

Then you know what something crazy happened my body started going backwards and by backwards I mean I started closing back up so they came and told me I was gonna most likely have to have a c-section. which is so sad because I never wanted that. I truly wanted to have my daughter 100 percent naturally, 30 minutes later my doctor came back and told me that they were going to go ahead with the c-section. They wheeled me back, put me on the table and started strapping me down. The next thing I know is I hear my daughter cry and I knew I was officially a mom.

Lillian moments after she was born.
Lilian and her dad Andrew.

Fast forward to the future my daughter is currently 1 years old and her dad and I aren’t together. However we are actually staying pretty good friends which I’m happy about. I think I’ve honestly faced the normal every day first parent problem like not knowing what to do if she’s sick or just random things a first parent really wouldn’t know until they have experienced it. My goals before I had her was to finish school. Which I will be going back next semester.I know my goals are to finish school, which will make my daughter and my life way better. We are currently living with my daughters dads parents and they help us way more than I would of ever expected but I am so happy to have them in my life, I honestly consider them to be like my parents.

Halloween 2019

If I could go back then yes I would because I wasn’t ready to be a parent but I am so glad I choose to be her parent because my life has been so amazing with her in it. If I had to give a young girl advice I’d tell them to wait but if they accidentally got pregnant I would tell them to do what they think is best for them and don’t listen to what others have to say because honestly it’s about them and the person they are with.

Our beautiful baby girl Lillian

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