Truth about being a stay at home mom.

Before I even thought about kids, getting married, having my own house the one thing I thought I had my mind set on was that I was not gonna be a stay at home mom.

I never wanted to be stuck in one place having to change diapers, watch cartoons just to play house all day. I for sure didn’t believe that a wife should have to do all the domestic chores. 2012 me was a whole different person because here I am in 2020 going on two years as a stay at home mom. I can promise you I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Being a stay at home mom can be a hard job at times, physically, emotionally and the hardest is mentally. Especially during this quarantine when you can’t go out with friends and home as much human interactions. Neither less when I do go out I have bad anxiety at the fear of catching the coronavirus. Being a stay at home mom is a full time job, I don’t have the luxury of someone cooking meals for me everyday, as much as I wish to have that. I guess I would say for now I’m my own personal chef, and maid. However I get to spend every second with my children and that’s something most mothers can’t say they have the luxury of doing.
My Routine typically starts out with waking up in the morning, and putting on cartoons for Paighton so I can get a extra 30 minutes of sleep. After a episode or two I finally get up and change both girls diapers. At this point we stay in the bed for another 30 minutes just playing and waking up fully. I clean up all of the diapers off the floor from the night and we head into the kitchen. At this point Paighton is hungry so I fix her breakfast and sit her at the table. Once she settled Emmalynn is in her baby seat on the floor next to the kitchen so I can keep a eye on her while I’m cleaning up from breakfast. After breakfast I tend to play with Paighton and Emmalynn together. Paighton Really loves To play with chalk so chalk is always in our Dailey routine. Around 12:30 Emmalynn goes down for a nap and Paighton is winding down. As she gets older she doesn’t always want to take a nap, but a cranky tired toddler isn’t always on my agenda. I really believe the girls communicate to each other in a way because as soon as I put one kid to sleep the other wakes up. You know that saying “sleep when they sleep” heck no I’m gonna sit down and relax when they sleep. After they both get up I make lunch and the girls eat. Our days are filled with cleaning, making lunch, and cleaning, changing clothes and diapers, some more cleaning and Holding babies. Once the time hits 4 pm I start the process of preparing dinner. Peyton gets home anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30 just depends on the amount of cars he has to fix and put out.
I’m grateful that this is my life and that I get the privilege to stay home with my baby girls!

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