17 weeks update!

Just to think back 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Paighton, I never understood why people always made the comment…

“Every pregnancy is different.”

To my disbelief I never assumed I would realize that statement to be so broadly a true understatement.

Yes, yes, yes

I’m still a young mom and I still get the “oh my gosh your so young” comments. Just imagine the shock when they find out I’m having my second child.

But as I was saying “every pregnancy” is wildly different especially this go around that I have a toddler. My days now consist of battling my picky appetite and finding something healthy for Paighton to eat. That’s not even the bad part, with paightons pregnancy I could come home from school and just sleep till the next day. Oh how I wish I could just catch up on some sleep before Emmalynn comes.

This mama hasn’t had a truly restful night of sleep since I was 23 weeks pregnant with Paighton. Now I know what your question is and the answer is


Paighton doesn’t wake up at odd hours of the night but it’s the fact that now I’m a mom and I’m constantly checking to see if my baby is still breathing.

I am still experiencing nausea and my vertigo has decided it wanted to join me this go around As well. I’m not a expert when it comes to finding a cure but having snacks definitely helps from passing out. At 17 weeks in this pregnancy I’m not showing as much as I did with paighton. So my initial thought is that she might not be as big As Paighton was at birth.

Food Cravings are a whole lot different as well! With paighton I craved salty foods, Cheetos were my favorite and I could eat them all day if they were healthy. With Emmalynn my cravings are anything with a kick!! Bring on the spicy foods cause she’s loving it. The green sauce from Tex-Taco is a heavenly favorite especially on the tacos! Let’s not forget SHRIMP!!!! I’ve always loved shrimp but these past 17 weeks I’ve been wanting to just eat shrimp every chance I get!

Motherhood can make you do crazy things and I’m just in the middle of it. I truly haven’t felt Emmalynn kick yet but I’m waiting for the day to come! As the best big sister Paighton is, she’s already taken charge of this role and been soo good at it. Every morning when she wakes me up she lifts my shirt and violently kisses my belly (we are still working on the “gentle” kisses, but for now a head slam is what we got). I just can’t wait for her reaction when Emmalynn starts to noticeable move around my tummy!

I can honestly say that this pregnancy has just flown way quicker than it did with Paighton. The truth is your 1st pregnancy is always the “longest” because you have never experienced it before. So your super anxious as to what’s coming next, what will labor feel like, how will I be as a mom? So many questions I now have the answers to. This pregnancy has gone by so fast because I now have a toddler who occupies my mind 24/7. Some weeks I even forget what number I’m on because my attention isn’t mainly on my pregnancy.

With Paighton I use to take pictures of my belly almost every week and with this pregnancy (not because I love it any less) but I think I’ve only taken one bump picture. Why?? Because I’m not showing as much as I did with P so the pictures wouldn’t look different each week. One odd thing about having ur kids so close is that when I wear shirts that make my belly noticeable, I always believe people might just think it’s a postpartum tummy instead of a baby. Crazy theory I know but that’s my honest truth.

I love both of my girls with every part of my being. I’m so extremely lucky to have such a wonderful husband and a great big sister who is on this pregnancy journey with me!

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