Paighton’s 1st Birthday!

365 days I have been blessed to physically hold my little baby girl and watch her grow everyday. I’ve been blessed to be able to stay home and be her care giver, her mom, and love all the responsibilities that comes with having a child. Today (July 29,2019) I think I cried more today than in my life. Happy tears,sad tears, all types of mix emotion tears because the little baby girl I delivered on this day a year ago has grown so fast it’s actually insane.

Throughout this year I have regained parts of me and changed up who I want to be. Motherhood is a everyday challenge because you truly never get a break. Than again why would you want a break from something you love doing so much. I have learned more about life this year than school has ever educated me from pre-k to graduation. I have learned that anyone will judge you based on your age and that the only person I try to impress everyday is my fiancé and my baby girl!

Some days it’s easiest to just get up, brush ur teeth and lay in bed all day. Other days you want to be super productive and make 10 batches of candles, redecorate the living room, clean out the closets and still manage your mom duties. This year of motherhood has taught me that which ever day you choose it’s okay. As long as your baby has a dry diaper, food in her belly and a smile on her face nothing else matters in the world at those moments.

Peyton and I have had some rough night, scary moments and happy tears all because of the journey we take everyday with Paighton. From the rush to the emergency rooms to the surprised open mouth laughs from when she does something we didn’t expect her to do. Paighton has made our life so special I knew her birthday party had to be just as extra as she is.

We decided to have her birthday party at a beautiful park! This day was just remarkable! Our family and friends all arrived and one by one amazed at the work I put into making her birthday party just this much special. Her theme was unicorns because I truly love horses and what’s better than a magical horse? Nothing your right. All of her decorations were things we already had or I made them! I love our little girl with all my heart and I wanted her party to just express that.

I definitely wanted to make her birthday party one to remember so I brought out a few eggs and some spoons. Went around and picked out a few people to play my egg race game. It was full of challenges and adrenaline everyone wanted to join in after the first round. And the pictures we got from it were amazingly fun! However her birthday party brought family together that created many memories we will all cherish forever. They say it takes a village to raise a child and they are absolutely right! This is my village the ones who know my struggles and fears but helps me back on my feet for me to know that I truly can do this and succeed as a mother. These girls (& some not in this picture) help me through this crazy journey called motherhood. They understand the struggles of being teen moms and how people judge you just based on your age. They stand tall with me when I need them the most and even if they don’t agree with some of my decisions on how I raise Paighton they stand by my side through it all. It’s crazy how it took being pregnant in high school to meet true friends who will stick through thick and thin!

I truly believe Paighton had a wonderful birthday, just look at the beautiful smile. When it came to sing her Happy Birthday I wanted to cry because my baby girl was growing up. This year flown through like no other year has before. Than my best friends wrote Paighton a card saying how they have seen her through all her milestones like crawling and walking for the first time. My voice started to become crackled and my eyes started to fill up. Because it’s so true, we have all been friends since we were pregnant and went to each others baby showers and saw each baby when they were newborns and now most of them are 1 years old!

My amazing father

I’m so extremely greatful for my parents and Peyton’s parents for being so involved and supportive in Paighton’s life. This year is one for the books and I can’t wait for what’s to come on this journey we creat everyday!

I’m so in love with the man Peyton is and has become. P & I can’t even begin to explain how much we love him and what all he’s had to do for us this past year. Not only has paighton changed our life but she has changed our relationship. Paighton and I had to learn to live together all while learn to take care of a baby. We had to accept each others flaws and embrace them instead. I’m so glad I get to have Peyton in my life.

To many more birthdays to our crazy birthday girl! We love you Paighton and can’t wait for you to grow up and read all about our journey!

I highly recommend for everyone to hire a photographer during events!!!

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