The Importance of Swim Lessons.

Everyone wants to see their daughter in a tutu and those cute pale pink ballerina shoes on. Attempting to keep focused and dance on a stage while mommy eagerly claps in all aww that her baby did a complete circle. Or even having their son wear two yellow flags attached around their waist with Velcro running and chasing after a football. While dad coaches from the sideline acting like his fantasy football game has come to life.

All these activities are lovely and oh so rewarding but will it save your child’s life?

Accidents happen every year around pools. Parents think that their kid(s) are inside with dad or mom and they eventually go in as well. What they didn’t know is in reality their child is still outside starring face to face with life or death.

These are the things no one wants to talk about.

If your child were to fall in? You know because they were curious of the liquid that filled up this space in the backyard so they lean over to explore and SPLASH! Would you be confident enough to know you would find your child floating waiting for someone to rescues him or her? Or would those ballerina and football practices save their life?

“When can my child start swim classes”

The answer is as early as four months old. Water isn’t anything new to a child. They spent nine whole months (shorter or longer) in amniotic fluid that created who they are.

The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%.

People underestimate swimming classes so much that it could be putting your own child at risk.

I started Paighton at only six months old. Now six months later she’s learned how to hold her breath, close her mouth when she encounters water. Kick her feet as she comes up to the surface, float to hold herself up on the side of the pool, and climb out (with a little help from me of course! )It May not sound like a lot but I know if She were to fall into a pool at least I gave her a fighting chance at survival.

Swimming lessons are extremely important for all ages. Starting young just helps them to be able to get comfortable with the water and the feeling of having water in your ears and to be submerged in water. Now Paighton swims a whole foot underwater during her swim lessons. Not by herself but with her instructor. I’ve learned that taking the safety measures first helps so much in the long run. I’m laying out the building blocks for her safety and letting her build. From day 1 I have never regretted putting her in swim lessons because I’m giving my child a fighting chance at life if she were to ever experience a mishap in water.

So go out and look for a local swim school. Or even just go check it out to see how lessons could benefit your child. Or possibly for you as well. There’s no shame to learn new things not matter your age. Because you never know when you will need to use this life saving skill.

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