My 1st Mama’s Day!

Where do I even begin to explain my adventures my fiancé had prepared for me!

To all they say this is my first official Mother’s Day but I would like to state that last year I was noticeably pregnant. Even if she wasn’t in my arms physically she was still hurting my back and eating all my food. I indeed was already a mother on that Mother’s Day. However today was different, I was awoken by a baby climbing on me and pulling my hair out as if it was one of those magic tricks the magician does when they pull those colorful cloths out their pockets. She thinks I’m a jungle gym especially in the mornings. I turn over to see a bright two teeth smile and realize that on this very day I am in fact a mama (at just 19).

Most people my age are running out buying the cheapest flowers they canafford due to their budget and a pack of their moms favorite candy along with a Mother’s Day card. I can’t say I didn’t do the same because I still had to spoil my mom but this year I got it in return. My biggest surprise was that Peyton had planned the whole day out for me. If anyone knows Peyton he’s truly the go with the flow type of guy, so I wasn’t expecting anything extravagant and planned out. Not that he doesn’t do things like that but because I never let him. I’m a very simple person who would take a written letter over a box of chocolates any day. I see it as a box of chocolate will be gone in a day and stick to your hips when a written letter can be saved forever.

As I woke up to my surprise as I walked into my kitchen. A hand written letter and a T-shirt he designed for me that said mom on it Est. 2018. Peyton mentioned that we had somewhere to go at 12 o’clock. It’s Mother’s Day so I automatically assume this appointment was for me. Ladies, I can’t express you enough on how thoughtful this gift was.. A hour long massage to work out all the pain out of my back! What surprised me the most during the massage was that the lady knew what all of my knots were she went down the list: this ones from pregnancy, this ones from holding the baby, and this ones from breastfeeding for almost 10 months with out formula supplements. Boy was she right on the money with it all. By the end of it I was nearly asleep and so relaxed I could barely talk. My words were lisping and mumbling together.

R E L A X E D…

After this we headed over to get my nails done. Of course like a sweet future wife I am, I always let Peyton pick out the color! If he’s paying for them might as well he like the color he’s gonna see all the time. And it helps me get out of just doing pink or a variety of pink all the time. My man’s spoiled me with getting a manicure and a pedicure. I’m definitely not a materialistic person but on this day it was nice that he already had a appointment for me and the whole nine yards.

It didn’t stop their either, After seeing my mom and bringing her an abundance of gifts we finally made our way back to our house. I was tired, Peyton was tired and of course P just wanted to play. Peyton than stated he had one more surprise for me. What could it possibly be? Of course what makes every girl happy…Food! He than said that I could pick anywhere I wanted to go eat. I was all excited but the reality of it was that I was way to exhausted to even think about getting dresses, packing the baby up and taking her to a noisy restaurant where she want to just pull things off the table and throw her crayons on the floor than expect you to pick them up. Like always Peyton resolves the situation and we proceeded to order take out. I was able to stay in my pjs, while Paighton was happy playing on the floor.

At the end of the day being a mom is what matters most. No one realizes how much work it takes to being a mom especially a young one. I may make it look easy on Social media and my blogs are sometime sunshine and rainbows but behind the scenes it’s the toughest thing I’ve ever had to encounter. Being a mom is just getting done with homework or finishing up your candle inventory and walking lifeless to crawl Into bed at two am in the morning to stepping on a toy ;that makes you want to scream because it hurt so bad. To the hitting the button on that toy to make the noise go off and you stand in the middle of it all praying to God your baby doesn’t wake up. When you finally crawl into bed after the circus you just caused and she still sound asleep you do something as simple as sneeze and she wakes up crying. You can’t just look at your baby and say “mamas tired” put yourself back to sleep. Instead, you pick her up and snuggle with her till she falls back asleep. Just to wake up at 8 am to see her two teeth smile and remind yourself that motherhood is worth it.

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