Livin Busy & Making Money

Back when I first started high school, college was only a mere image of freedom and getting the education to do my dream job. Back then I was so blinded on the fact that life throws curve balls and Hits outfielders. Nothing is a straight pitch to the batter and the batter definitely never hits at the same spot. No ones lucky enough to always get home runs.

Alright enough of the baseball analogies, it’s not like I actually have any knowledge for that sport.

I’m at the point where I have multiple things on my plate. I’m dipping my toes into this and diving into the deep waters hoping to make something of myself. Here I am 19 years old with the label of a mother, wife, and entrepreneur. Along with all those things I’m also a full-time student,

Yes, you read that right!!!!

I’m getting my associates degree in veterinarian technology! I’m truly living my best (busy) life as a mom! When I first started this journey of motherhood I can admit I was terrified!

Would I be a good mom?

Would I be able to get my education?

Is this the life I want to live forever?

I was only 18 years old at the time and I can admit I didn’t know where Peyton and I would end up.

As a mom and going to college it’s important to pick which college and whether you want to do it online or in person. These are the things that I have to think of, I decided that staying home with my daughter was the best thing for me!

Do I wish I could move out of state and live in a dorm?

I did! The hardest thing for me was seeing my friends get accepted into out of state colleges and moving away. Back then everyone was setting up dorms while I was setting up baby stuff, getting ready to be a mom. But here I am writing blogs, managing a candle business and doing online school.

At this stage In life Paighton is crawling and wanting to turn the house upside down. While I’m trying to make candles, study for a test and keeping the house clean. I have so much on my plate but I’m pushing myself to do better and to do more for my family! As a mom, I make sacrifices every single day to do what’s best for our daughter!

Starting my own business and running it all from home is quite a challenge. But it pays for my college so that I’m able to get an education and start my dream job one day! I believe it’s so important to shop from local business to make a difference in someone’s life! I saw a quote on Instagram the other day that said something like this “when you shop locally, you’re helping a mom and dad put food on the table” this touched my heart because it’s so true! My candles are a passion I have but it’s helping me provide for my family! While we’re on the subject feel free to go follow my candle business Instagram @mama_carm_candles and help a mama like me provide!

It’s helping me to pay for my college so that one day my daughter will look up at me and say Thank you for all the nice things she has! Being a young mom won’t stop me from being the best! It just meant I get to love my daughter a little longer on earth!

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