Busy as a mother..

I don’t know why the saying is busy as a bee, clearly, it was a man who made that saying.

Behold I was indeed actually accurate,

From Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, (the Squire’s Tale), in 1386-1400:

In women be; for ay as busy as bees
Be thay us seely men for to desceyve.

Today motherhood brought me to my knees and was saying fighting me as I stared at a two feet tall bundle of joy as she crawled all around my house getting into everything; while I was trying to build my candle inventory. I have my first ever crafts show coming up in college station and I need more than 100 candles made and ready to sell! Sounds easy but today I needed eight hands to keep my candles moving on schedule than to feed paighton when she started getting fussy.

She’s the brand new owner of two teeth and some parts of the day she’s ready to sign those return papers. I can’t blame her growing teeth is hard, I can’t wait for her to grow a human one day. And let that little bundle of terror…oops I meant joy. Karate chops her ribs and gives her organs a nice two-handed twist.

Now where ever we go she’s climbing on things and making none toy objects into toys. I feel as if everywhere I go on a daily needs to be child proof. Both sets of Paighton’s grandparents have a walker at their house. I feel as if at some points its a blessing and a curse. I’m running over here, jumping over this to catch that from shattering on the floor and among all this chaos the one who’s causing it all is running around in the walker with a little pink bow in her hair chasing the dog.

I believe the only reason why I’m dropping weight faster than before is simply that I can’t sit still. Well, let me rephrase that differently, my 8-month-old can’t just sit down next to mama and enjoy being still for just 30 seconds! Y’all might have wonder why I’ve been ”M.I.A” from the blog but it’s simply because when do I have time to put my thoughts into words anymore. I find it amusing that first-time moms (as my self) thought that the hardest thing in this motherhood journey would be giving birth. HANDS DOWN the easiest when it comes to this crawling stage. Where ever I go she’s right behind me, my own personal shadow. If you’re not a mom yet or soon to be a mom if there’s one advice I can give you is..take all of the showers and bathroom breaks you can now and enjoy the alone time you have. Because once you have kids it’s like as soon as your bladder is really to release they instantly want to attach to you like velcro.

”What about the whole 30 minutes you’ve been on the ground and didn’t know who mama was?”

For me to be able to write this blog right now I’m sitting on the floor as my daughter plays with her toys. As I’m now the jungle gym, provider of milk and the ultimate cuddler in her eyes. Don’t get me wrong being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I wouldn’t trade the countless days where I haven’t stared at my self in the mirror, to the mom bun where I just pull up my hair because I don’t have time or don’t want it to get ripped out, all the way to the blowouts that land on me when I least expect them too.

Even though at times I wish I would just freeze time and do everything I need to do then come back to P. I love who I have become and how paighton has changed me. Motherhood for sure is busy as a mother… But I love every tired, runny nose kisses, bath time splash moment I create each and every day!

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