The Story behind Mama Carm Candles.

It seems like everyone has there own business just trying to get their name out, and make a little money somehow.

My story behind my small town business is just simple. I’m a mama by day and a candle maker by night. I’m not even joking when I say by night. The only time I can fully focus and work on my candles is when Paighton is taking a nap or going to bed for the night. At that time of day I too want to be taking a nap or going to bed. It was one day when I truly got inspired to branch out my name brand an start making some extra money on the side. I came up with a dozen jobs I could invest in but each one Peyton shot down. For a good reason of course.

He then shined a light on a favorite of mine, which was candles. Who would have thought that watching a few YouTube videos and getting truly inspired to pursue a hobby would turn into a business? I definitely didn’t think I would be any good at it but here I am. Selling homemade, hand poured candles with my own,

”Mama Carm Candles”

Labels plastered on the jar.

All the thanks has to go to Peyton because he truly pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and try it!

So here I am at 10 o’clock at night nervous out of my mind because the money I was using was my stored away money. That I didn’t want to touch endless it was an acceptable reason. If anyone knows Peyton he thinks money grows on trees and buying anything is an acceptable reason. So if I said he convinced me to spend money, well it wouldn’t have been the first time.

I did my research and played my cards right. Keeping everything at a low minimum I bought a candle making kit and hit the purchase button. That whole week waiting for my candle supplies to ship in was like holding my breath. I could do it but it wasn’t easy. A week after I purchased the kit it showed up at my front door. A huge brown box with my name and addressed to me. The excitement was unreal at this point because I truly had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Opening the box was honestly the open door to my future. The knowledge I gained now that I didn’t have 2 weeks ago is incredible. Peyton and I stayed up late reading the instructions, checking the temperature on the wax and perfecting our product. Before we knew it all of our candles were sold. Some went to family members another was shipped off and new customers made there way from Sugarland. The amount of support I have already received is just outstanding.

My first batch was sold and I then again was waiting on the new fragrances and more wax and other supplies. Just to turn around and do it all over again. Another late night and early morning I was on the roll. 20 candles were made and I was once again amazed on my own work and on how good they have come out to be. I made a purple candle called Jamaica me crazy that definitely makes me crazy for the smell. A red candle for the scent Butt naked which is a personal favorite for me. A white candle with real flowers in the wax called Spring rain. Cafe mocha was made white but smells just like a coffee shop, I couldn’t leave my coffee lovers out. A light blue candle with the fragrance fresh linens which is a top seller. A pink candle called strawberry passion which will leave you wanting more. And another simple white candle with a bold fragrance of vanilla silk. This candle smells as if I bundled Christmas time with a bakery and your grandma’s kitchen in one candle. This sweet fragrance is another of my top sellers.

Not only is this an income for me but it’s a passion I truly love. I’ve always been fascinated about candles and loved the look along with the smell of each one. I hope to create a story one day with each candle I put on the shelf to sell. To many more happy customer and to making new and improved scents!

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