Our first reading time at Chloe’s Closet!

I’ve always wanted to be the mom who does fun activities, like play dates or movie time. Even be the mom who sits down and sings bingo while paighton claps!

This is how our morning started out. Paighton does this thing where she lays down backwards and lifts her chin up to see me. I don’t Know why she just doesn’t turn over and look at me normal but I can’t lie this sweet face makes me melt every time.

We got dressed and out the door in 20 minutes. Society always blames the girls for being the reason they are late but lets face it, I got myself and the baby ready with a million and one other things out the door and on time. I don’t want to point fingers but if Peyton was off today there would be no way in America would we be on time.

Once we got there and sitting on the carpet. I started to smell this awful stench.

“Which mom passed gas than blamed it on their kid?”

Don’t act like some parents don’t do that….(I’m not one of those parents.)

I lifted Paighton up to smell her diaper and omg it was my child who had a blow out!

Perfect timing!

I’m so glad I brought in 2 diapers and a small pack of wipes for the “what if” moment! I thought to myself I’ll just change her at the end. Well the end came and that diaper was NAS-TY Thank God for changing tables because I wouldn’t be able to change this one in my lap.

We finally return back to the play time portion of it all and paighton couldn’t sit still! If I haven’t told y’all yet, SHE’S CRAWLING! Soon she’s gonna be walking than off to college and getting married. Everyone tells you life goes by in a flash and they aren’t lying. Especially when your having fun! That’s exactly what paighton does is she always finds a friend where ever she goes! Peyton and I created a social butterfly that always has a smile to share.

The story time was very fun, especially as a mom. The books were simple but entertaining because they were touch and fells. Paighton loved them and so did I! Over all our experience was amazing till it was over and the temptations of looking at the clothes were at a high. I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything but I failed because I ended up leaving with a bag of clothes. All worth the $7 I paid but I probably could of lived with out them. A bathing suit, 2 tank tops and a bright pink pair of shorts! You can’t go wrong with their deals because everything is so cheap but great quality! My two favorite things, because paighton grows like crazy! She’s 7 months old but wears 9-12 month clothes! My chunky baby is growing fast!

3 responses to “Our first reading time at Chloe’s Closet!”

  1. Hi! So glad you came to storytime and enjoyed it. Your daughter is adorable and it was a pleasure reading to her! Hope to see you next time!

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