How your relationship changes after your new arrival!

The world as you know it will change in many ways, like it or not.

After a baby, the changes you do expect is your body, daily wardrobe, or even how many times you brush your hair in a week. But no one truly understands how a baby completely changes your relationship. Your focus isn’t all on your partner but yet it’s all about your baby.

For the first month that paighton was alive, IO’Reilly inside. Peyton went to work and when he came home our focus was on P. There were no more long drives after work to know where close, having super deep conversations about anything and everything in the world.

Instead, we’re now changing diapers and learning how to raise our daughter while we are trying to grow up ourselves. People may think that by having a baby it could or may save your relationship.

LADIES, GENTLEMAN, PEOPLE if I could shout this loud enough for the people in the back. A baby WILL NOT fix a broken relationship.

When a baby enters the world no one realizes how much stress it can put on a family. No a bad stress but more of sleep-deprived stress. Stay at home moms are continuously the caregiver around the clock. It doesn’t matter when dad comes home because most of the time a sleepy baby wants their mom. I never fail to think that when Peyton gets home I’ll be “off the clock”. Which sounds nice to be able to write another blog or scroll through social media like a kid in a candy store. Yet my imagination has failed me again because a moms job is NEVER DONE! I REPEAT A MOMS JOB IS NEVER DONE!

Peyton is an incredible dad but he’s not me, and when paighton gets real sleepy it doesn’t matter if dadas rocking her to sleep, or if moms in the shower trying to wash off the spit up and blow out smells she’s had on her since two days ago. When your baby is crying and frustrated, then you have the dad who’s trying his best to calm her down because he knows you just want to relax in the shower but he gets so overwhelmed that now both of them are screaming for mom to come rescue them. As the mom, you look up and realize you haven’t even begun to wash the mess off. But it doesn’t matter because you’re family needs you.

So you become on edge cause you just want to complete a daily task such as taking a shower but you can’t. In a weak relationship by now, there would be screaming and yelling. Because the mom has stayed home all day feeding, clothing changing diapers and making sure the needs of there child was maintained.

However, we can’t underestimate the dad because he went to work to pay the bills so she can stay home and be with the baby. Your relationship should still be maintained like a new born. A happy house is a happy family. It’s not easy by no means but when you have someone who’s deeply in love with you willing to get over your moodiness. Likes to talk out every and all situation and won’t allow you to go to bed angry.

We don’t know anything about marriage, raising a baby or anything adult. But we do know that it’s gonna be hard, at times we don’t like each other but we know we have to take each day as It comes.

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