My Herbal life of a 911 case.

In any stage of parenthood, it can be challenging in more ways than one. Right when I got my schedule down, started to brush my hair twice a week and even planned a trip up to Louisiana the eventful unexpected situation came throwing grenades in my peaceful structure as a parent.

Acute Bronchitis:

is an inflammation of the bronchial tubes, the airways that carry air to your lungs. It causes a cough that often brings up mucus. It can also cause shortness of breath, wheezing, a low fever, and chest tightness. Most cases of acute bronchitis get better within several days.

Googles definition ^.

It all started with a simple cough that began after dinner. At first, I didn’t give it a thought because P will cough when she’s trying to get someones attention. She’s bazaar but that’s her way of doing things. The first night was interesting because I didn’t expect what was to come. She woke up at 3 am coughing harder and harder. I had no idea what to do but to just feed her and lay her back into bed. The next morning I knew that it was just gonna get worst if I don’t treat it. So, of course, the natural remedies were the first to be tested.

I’m a naturalist and medicine just really isn’t my thing. I went into my kitchen and started to cut up a clove of garlic and smashed it with the back side of a spoon. Then I took some coconut oil and gather about half a teaspoon. If your oil is solid like mine is, you don’t need too much. I mixed both ingredients in a small bowl and heated It up just enough for the coconut oil to melt but not to get ”hot”. About 5 seconds in the microwave will do its job and you’re ready to go! I then flipped Paignton’s socks inside out and based the mixture on the bottom side of her sock. Once it was nice and filled I placed the mixture on the sock over her tiny little foot snuggly and just let it do its magic.


It does get really smelly so if you don’t normally like to cook with garlic this probably isn’t the right remedy for you.

Next, I turned on the shower to the hottest setting and let it build up steam. In our bathroom that doesn’t take long because it belongs in a dolls house. For the next 10 minutes, I sat on the closed toilet top and just simmered like cooking chicken as the steam surrounded Paighton and I. This process is designed to help loosen the mucus that’s stuck in her chest. Night came tumbling on us faster than expected and her cough wasn’t getting any better. In fact, she started to cough much more than she did before. Which is okay because that means she’s trying to get rid of the nasty germs which is being held captive inside.

That second night was worse than the first, no one in our house got any sleep because every 5 minutes Paighton would be coughing up a lung it sounded like. The morning after that Peyton was instructed to take a trip to ”Buy Buy Baby”. I have had my eye on these baby friendly essential oils that are used when they are sick. I read the reviews and noticed that the star rating is all 5 stars. This is suppose to be the best of the best in the business. However the pack I purchased came with ”fussy and calm” instead of the ”Ear and tummy trouble”. I read the directions and it said to roll on the oil under her feet so that the essentials can be absorbed by the body. Next, it said to apply it on her chest and behind her neck for the sent to reach her nose. After about an hour I noticed a reduction of her cough went away. The name on this essential oil is ”stuffy nose and coughing”. The directions also said to apply as many times when needed. Which I did and half a bottle later she was still coughing. What I thought was her getting better was just her trying to reach her peak of the sickness.

At this point, I made a call to her doctor and we arrived at 9:30 am. Our doctor did multiple exams but the only thing she truly noticed was that Paignton is a happy sick baby. Through this whole journey, she’s never skipped a beat to laugh or want to play. Our doctor told us to continue what we’re doing and it should resolve on its own. She didn’t give us any medication or tell us to give her anything. At that moment I was relieved because my natural ways were working in our doctor’s eyes. Later that night my mom joined us for dinner and brought some new foods for paighton to try. Cinnamon rice cereal was on the menu and she seemed excited to try it! After a few bites, I was convinced that she was in love with her new meal. Our family dinner was done my mom was gone and it was time to head to bed. I leave the room to grab a washcloth to give her a sponge bath since she’s sick. Right when I leave the room peytons voice goes dense and it felt like his sound waves could break the walls down. In a concern, frighten voice he yells out


The hall way to our bedroom is only a skip away but in this exact moment, I felt as if the hallway was never-ending. I ran as fast as I could but my socks couldn’t get enough traction to move me at the speed I needed to go. I arrived and Peyton was holding our daughter who then started to laugh. This unpleasant mess was on our carpet and on the side of the bed where Peyton sleeps. She seemed fine and not at all bother by what had just happened.

It’s about 3 am that night, I woke up to Paighton coughing louder and stronger than before. Peyton also jumped up from his sleep to find out that I’m covered in what used to be rice cereal as I hold P in my arms. If you read the blog

”Game Night”

You would know that this has happened before. At this point, my hypothesis is that she has to be allergic to something in the rice cereal. She hasn’t thrown up anything but this certain food.

Peyton than started helping me clean up the vomit on our bed as I wipe it all off of me. A shower was desperately needed but when your baby only wants you and is now starving, a few wipes will do just fine for now. About an hour later and all my milk seems like its drained Paighton wakes up yet again. We have already been through so much tonight that we are already alarmed. The cough gets harder and her mouth opens wide, when she starts to cough I always bring her closer to my chest because she tends to reach out for me. This is a blessing and a curse because unexpectedly the milk she had just drank found its way all over my body again.

Oh, you best believe the honor I felt to be the one who gets vomited on -said no one ever. We were all exhausted and just beat to the curb. It was now 8 am and I placed a call to her pediatrician explaining the whole situation. We then packed our bags and made another trip up to the doctors. Two doctor visits in two days both about the same problem. I was fed up with my child not getting better and was now all for medication to just make her feel healthy again. At this point she now had a slight wheeze that made the whole situation worst because I now was scared out of my mind that she wasnt getting enough oxygen or of all time worst her nose would get so inflamed that they would shut meaning no oxygen would get to her. My doctor explained to me that this sickness was just running its course and there’s nothing I can do to help her but to continue to do what I’ve been doing.

Her doctor than gave us an option to use a nebulizer to see if it would help in anyway. She had warned us that this machine only helps two out of 10 children. The odds were low but I needed to at least try. Paighton wasn’t very thrilled about the nebulizer but I couldn’t blame her cause it was kinda scary for her to be in this type of situation. The five minutes she had this mask on was a real struggle. I had to move it to make sure it was on her little nose. Peyton pulled out the wipes because now it’s her new favorite thing to play with. I wish babies knew the importance of letting us do things for their health. Paighton still isn’t 100 percent better but once we got home I put a little eucalyptus oil in my mopping water to help open up her airways. My house now smells like Vicks But it’s better than P having a nasty cough. We are now on day four and she’s getting better slowly but surely. Till next time with an update.

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