Reality of our life….untold

As reality Starts to sink in I can’t help but get more excited about meeting our little princess P!

Wow, on May 21, 2018, I started this blog with this sentence. Only to stop to write another blog. ”Reality” as I know it has changed in a million and one ways. I was pregnant with no idea as to how Peyton and I were gonna provide for our daughter. We both still lived with our parents and only saw each other for a few hours during the day. Every second of every day our minds were wrapped around,

”What will our baby look like?.”


”Who will our baby look like?.”

Those days for us were so simple yet extremely complex. Today we started a new journey of exploring our options to move out into a bigger house. Peyton and I took a short left and a few turns to the model homes here in Katy. The reality of having a baby young is you tend to never leave your hometown. The main reason being is your family is here and you already know everyone.

Why leave a town to go somewhere new and try to make more connections. Plus being a stay at home mom I wouldn’t meet anyone except for the mailman or the cashier at the grocery store. My reality has changed extremely that I find myself talking to a baby who can’t talk back.

The first house we walked into was a 1 story farmhouse feel. A grey and white color scheme that really caught my attention. We walked in and a hallway was the path to enter. A little questionable on my taste but the designs and uniqueness to the shape of the house was something I could put on my wish list. I had a total mom moment when I got excited about the large laundry room! I don’t even have a laundry section in the duplex we live in now.

The excitement started to rise as we experienced the second model home. A modern feel two story all brick house with quite a twist. These houses were all smart homes, so for a stay at home mom, I guess I could talk to my house all day instead of the walls.

”Alexa, play My Side Of The Fence by Dan & Shay”

The Kitchen in both these houses were huge and opened. Perfect for a huge family which one day I hope we have! Our reality may be different from most people our age right now but it’s the cards we were dealt with. House shopping with my future husband was definitely one for the books.Every room these houses had for girls were all pink, I was in love! I made a comment to Peyton saying,

“I’m just gonna share a room with P and we could have everything pink.”

He then proceeded to smile and laugh. You know that type of look you give someone where you get that tingly sensation of a feel where you know you love them so much. Where your eyes tend to have a sparkle and his laugh sweet and silently chuckles. The emotion of pure love is what he expressed because that’s how he feels towards me. Like that song by Scotty McCreery,

“This is it”

The lyrics are priceless because they definitely describe what we’re going through!

“This is it, this is now, this is what I’ve been talking about
Looking out, can’t you see forever?
Take my hand, just take it in
This is a moment we won’t forget
On top of the world, here, together

I get to experience life with my ultimate best friend and make memories we will share with our kids in the future!

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