Rodeo time!!

To think back a year ago I was 17 weeks pregnant performing at the Katy rodeo. No one knew but a few people and my team had no idea. It was my senior year which meant it to be the last time I would ever put that uniform on and call my self a Katy cowgirl. Now I’m a use to be, the alumni status from here on out. Wildfire and I Can you tell I was pregnant?!? Comment below!

A year later I’m sitting in the stands with my baby girl and my future husband. The excitement was overwhelming as I wanted to show her the future that she will be involved in. As we walked into the new Katy arena I was amazed it was beautiful. From the stands to the arena dirt it was breathtaking. I’m not an NFL or NBA groupie but when it comes to Rodeo best believe I’m all for it!!!

Right after the Katy Cowgirls performed I left my seat in the stands to seek out a changing table. Since the clear bag was in effect I stuffed diapers and my essentials in the shaft of my boots. It was definitely a mom hack at its finest. I found a bathroom and the worst news I could have imagined at that time was there was no changing table. The mom who walked in before me turned towards me and said,

” I guess the floor it is.”

Desperate times come for desperate measures but in no way, shape or form am I putting my child on the floor. I actually went into the bathroom stall held her in my arms and changed her diaper! Thank God that it wasn’t a poop diaper because Y’all know how that goes. After I was done I honestly felt so proud because changing a diaper while holding a baby and not getting peed on is kinda complicated. Which deserved a round of applause for every mom who has had to do it.

Watching the rodeo brought so many memories back. As a mom I want my daughter to experience everything and have the best upbringing she can! I believe she enjoyed the time we spent there between seeing old friends and teachers to experiencing the cows! Oh my, the cows were a big hit for her and I’m so lucky because they are a big hit for mama as well! Everything was a hit, till the fireworks started to go off and bam, I nearly jumped out of my own skin and into the arms of the closest person next to me. If Peyton hadn’t already jumped into mine. As a mom you have to toughen things out and not show to many emotions especially when you have your baby in your hands, I was just blessed that I didn’t drop her.

Paighton is so strong that she didn’t even flinch. And here her parents are acting like we’re in a war zone trying to save our lives from a pop rock the rodeo clowns decided to put in their show. It’s a laughable moment look back at it now. Every year the Katy Rodeo gets sold out, even with building a bigger arena it still got sold out. I don’t think Our Katy community could have gotten any bigger but of course, they prove me wrong once again. I can’t wait till next year when Paighton can truly enjoy the rodeo and I can persuade Peyton to take us to ride the roller coasters and play the games. Till next year Katy Rodeo, Our adventures await! 💛

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