The Walmart lady.

let me just explain the whole story behind this tweet right here.

The amount of respect people have for others is actually quite awful. I’m not bothering anyone, quietly standing in line waiting for my turn to check out with Peyton by my side and my daughter in my hand facing outwards. Let me just make a wide statement saying Paighton smiles at everyone and she’s the friendliest baby all the time. But at no point should anyone just walk over and start to touch up on my child’s leg.

I’m the type of person that usually thinks over what I might say before I ever say something. I think about how someone’s day must be going and how if my words will affect them negatively. So when the Walmart cashier (who wasn’t even our cashier) took the courage to walk from her station over to touch my daughter, it was too much for me. As I stood turned to notice what she was doing I honestly went cold. The only thing I thought about doing was moving out of her distance of touch. I was hoping she would get the idea that I didn’t want my daughter to be touched. But No she proceeded to come closer leaving no room for any personal space.

She definitely popped our bubble.

As all this was happening my focus was being directed to actually checking out. I was telling Peyton which card to use as he was trying to find it. With all of that our cashier was hyping her co-worker up saying how much P likes her. What they didn’t know was I’ve sat in the waiting area for 4 classes as my little brother learned karate. Bruce Lee was about to take over because she was crossing all the lines and dotting all the I’s.

I don’t understand why people believe they could touch babies without asking. If people know to ask if they can touch someone’s dog before they do why can’t the rule be for babies as well.? You don’t know if my child bites, yet some people want to find out I guess. Paighton isn’t a Baby Alive doll out the box for everyone to play with. I spent 40 weeks and 2 days baking this bun in MY OWN OVEN! Get your nasty mittens off of her, even if she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

People now a days need to understand more that babies aren’t toys. You have to ask the parents if you can touch the baby, even if it’s on their feet. I have no idea what all The Walmart lady had touched. Frozen meat which could pass on salmonella to P. What about all the dirty money with unknown substances on them then it could have been transferred to my daughter. Call me overprotective but this is my child who I created and I will do whatever it takes to make and keep her safe.

A thought I had was did my age make a difference in the ladies judgment? Did she think because I’m younger that I would just accept her hands on my baby? Or what if an older woman was holding P, would she come and touch her leg then? The thought process of people now a days is little to none. I bet if I were to react negatively towards her she would have labeled me as rude or other none appropriate words like in rap songs. Or what happened if I said something to her in front of everyone and her whole day was ruined or what if she were to get fired from her job? These are the things I think about before I say anything, but again this is my personal space and my child were talking about.

Next time someone that I don’t know tries to touch my child I’m Just gonna respond with,

”She Bites.”

And see how they react.

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