Paighton’s 1st swim lesson

It’s Tuesday (2/5/19) and tomorrow Paighton has her first swim lesson. I’m full of anxiety and overwhelmed with thoughts of am I ready to let my baby girl get into a deep pool? It only takes a teaspoon of water to cause an accident.

What’s so cool is that it’s a ”mommy and me ” class!!!! Which means I get to be in the pool teaching my little water bug! How cool is that, I’m putting P in swim lessons because I care so much about her safety. Paighton’s birthday is in July so a pool party is one we will be having for a long time. Plus Peyton’s parent’s house has a pool and I don’t want to be worried out of my mind if P decides to wonder and take some interest into the big blue bowl of water.

Wednesday 2/6/19

The day has finally come and our little girl is gonna experience something far more extreme than bath time!y’all I can’t help but to “aww” over how beautiful paighton is and how her personality is showing a lot more as she grows up!

Mamas in her bathing suit and P had her swim diaper on. We arrive at P’s swim school and I’m in love! Heated pools, colorful walls, and super nice employees! It was already a score in my book! Then an announcement of the 10 o’clock class was ready! P and I walked through the glass doors and stepped into the warm pool. As soon as P felt the water she started to kick and splash all over the place. Of course, I was the youngest mom in the group but it was amazing to be apart of the community. During her lesson, we played with duckies and floated on the water with mamas help. The wheels on the bus song was on repeat more times than I could count. I didn’t feel too comfortable at dunking paighton underwater at her first swim lesson.

what can I say I’m slightly overprotective. It’s a blessing and a curse, my mom did it to me and now I’m learning exactly why she did it. However I put paighton in swimming lessons because,

”Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among children ages 14 and under”.

The reality of safe swimming needs to be brought up. Whether you have a kid or not.

Just alone in ”2008 children ages 4 and under had the highest drowning death rate. Which is about two times greater than other age groups.”

As parents of all ages, or siblings, grandparents, friends of the family. It’s our jobs as a community to make sure our loved ones and ourselves are safe in any situation they may encounter. Paighton doesn’t know that I’m teaching her to save her life one day. All she knows is that she’s having fun learning to blow bubbles and splash around the water.

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