Blogger meets vlogger

I love writing blogs, one reason is that I don’t have to get dressed up and be presentable when I publish a post or even write one. I love what I do because I’m good at it and I don’t have to truly put myself all out there. I reread my thoughts iiand whatever I don’t like I either re-edit it or completely delete the whole phrase. So when my friend Holly asked me to do a YouTube video with her I was nervous out of my mind.

Who do I think I am?

I’m definitely not James Charles or can’t entertain people like the ACE FAMILY. But I can’t back out because I’m doing this for a friend. People say step out of your comfort zone so I guess I’m stepping out from behind the screen of my safe zone! If you haven’t already please PLEASE Please go subscribe to my dearest friend Holly Jordan’s YouTube page!

Before we filmed we both went on our social media’s and announced that we would be taking questions for our Q & A video. Let me personally give everyone a round of applause for sending in your amazing questions. When it was time to videotape I didn’t know what to expect. The camera was set up the special lights were directed our way and the action was about to start. Then, of course, our babies start to do baby things and ones crying the other ones trying to escape out my arms and the camera is rolling. This was definitely not the kind of action people want to see. But in all reality, this is the mom life, when you try to do something for yourself your children take over.

For example, as I’m writing this blog my child has decided that the book was more interesting on her taste buds. As a mom, if they aren’t crying, bleeding, spilling out of their diaper than you better get what you need to get done. Because once their little brains get over the taste of the book it’s time to cry for no reason or try to move all over the place. I was honored to be able to do a Q and A on Holly’s channel! It was fun to reach out to the people in the YouTube world and hopefully join them in the fun of Mama Carm blogs. The video was hilarious, to film based on the fact that my level of nerves transferred to holly as well. Now we were both a shipwreck about to film. Once we jumped right in it was smooth sailing, we read out questions and talked about each one of them. Almost 2 questions left and her phone went black. At the worst time, it died, WITHOUT WARNING! We both looked at each other and realized our hard work was only just a memory now. It was a blessing in disguise because now we were more lively and the nerves just melted right off.

It was an experience Paighton will be able to see when she grows up and is able to understand the situation of being a teen mom. So just take some time out of your day and swing by Holly’s channel! Don’t forget to like, subscribe and leave a nice comment.

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