The Show Down


As Peyton and I arrived in line at The Springs vendors day we were automatically recognized.

It seems as if everyone associated with the springs knew who we were. Which is a reason why I love this company so much! It’s highly recommended on my list of venues. This day was full of conversations and trying different foods. I wish I was Peyton because all he had to do was eat. Every-time we would show up to a new vendor Peyton seemed to step back and just try the samples. On that note when I would give him my sample I guess his guy brain took over and he would eat mine to as if I was giving it to him to devour. Which is definitely not the case I just needed him to hold my sample while I talked to the person about their deals.Peep the pink sticker on my shirt!!! It meant I was a BOOKED SPRINGS BRIDE!

This place was crowded, there was barely any space to even walk around but it was amazingly fun! Just to be at the Venue with the love of my life imagining how our wedding day will be was amazingly crazy. We probably, well I probably talked to around 30 people that day and Peyton most likely ate all of the food twice.

This is the alter we will be getting married at!!!

As we took a walk down the aisle with Paighton in our arms we got a glimpse of our future. 264 days away I’ll be in my dream dress walking down for the first and last time to marry my best friend. Most guys aren’t involved when it comes to wedding planning, Peyton has been amazing. Even though most of his answers are.

Whatever you want babe”

He still is trying to be involved! He even came with me to the vendors day which is outstanding for Peyton because he hates crowds!

we mastered to try some really good cakes than damaged our taste buds with some just awful mixture that I would have never guessed was supposed to be a wedding dish. Having the perfect food for your wedding is what’s gonna make or break it all! Everyone remembers the food cause most of the woman going to weddings will intentionally not eat that whole day just so they can demolish a tiny piece of cake. Society now a days really puts a toll on how we think we’re supposed to look. If someone hasn’t told you today, let me be the first.

“You are Beautiful!”

This venue Day was definitely one for the books!

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