We weren’t expecting #2

Having a baby and trying to get out the door on time feels like a mission for Kim possible because I always tend to fail. This morning started out pretty normal, P woke up first and proceeded to scratch our limbs and sculpt our facial features.

Peyton and I had a big day planned, we were going to attend The Springs Event Venue’s venders day. It was most important that we arrived on time because we knew it would be crowded and all the free stuff would be given away! So most definitely we needed to leave the house on time and look our best. We had both just finished our showers and were on the move. Our bathroom is so small that if Peyton is brushing his teeth and I need to pee or just get out I have to either squeeze behind him or step into the shower just to get around him. Two people in that bathroom is a struggle but when you have two people a baby and her exercise chair it’s just bazaar.

When I take showers I bring P and her exercise chair in with me. I know what you’re probably thinking, why don’t Peyton watch her while you take a shower. Well let’s be honest guys can’t multitask and if Peyton is watching P he’s all hands on deck. His full focus is on her which means the world to me. However I’m a timed person, I like to be everywhere on time no matter what. The whole I’m late cause I have a baby thing just doesn’t work for me. If I have to be somewhere at 12 we will wake up at 10, so if anything goes wrong than it will go wrong and we will have enough time to fix the problem and still be on time. And that’s what brings us back to my story.

I had just gotten out the shower because P wasn’t having fun in her exercise bouncer anymore. Out of all the times when I’m not in the shower she loves to be bouncing or playing with her toys for like 10 minutes. But when it’s shower time it’s 2 minutes flat. Which doesn’t bother me because I take showers quick. I got out and dried off quickly just so I can pick her up before she gets super cranky. I know some people say it’s good to let your baby cry but unfortunately I’m not some people. I called Peyton in to take her because I needed to get dressed as well. Like a sweet father he is he will stop whatever he’s doing to take care of her. Endless we have friends over and his knowledge of baby care is out the roof and mom knows best for everything.

As Peyton went to grab her, he slid his hand under her butt to get a better grip but pulled out quickly because he had a sweet surprise. I bursted out laughing, it was hilarious because he basically grabbed a handful of poop. Paighton had a blow out that none of us heard coming. It was hilarious till Peyton pointed out the fact that I had an even bigger handful than he did. I looked down and from my mid stomach all the way to the top of my knee cap was smothered in baby poop. I had just taken a shower and was finally clean from all of the mess P gives me. Peyton started to gag and I knew from the last time she had a blow out that he might actually throw up. All that was going through my mind was,


I made the decision to jump into the shower with Paighton to wash her off as fast as possible. I think as a first time mom I didn’t realize how slippery she could of gotten. The shower was Luke warm and we both were covered in poop. As Peyton handed P to me some how he swiped her butt across the shower curtain and poop appeared on that as well. For P’s first shower experience I most definitely would say she loved it to the extreme! The whole time she was laughing and smiling, most likely from the fact that we were washing all the poop off but I just say it’s because she loves how the shower beads felt on her little butt.


Whether you’re one now or will be in the future, babies get super slippery when they are wet so please be cautious at all times.

After all the morning obstacles we were finally all dressed and looking good. The next adventure we had to face was the venders day at The Springs. Peyton and I got their at 12:20, even though it didn’t start till 1 pm I wanted to make sure that we were on time and present! It’s only 267 days till we say I do But who’s really counting. As soon as it was 12:56 it was like People just started to pop up. And the line that was non existent was starting to grow a mile per minute. As we walked up it was something we never expected..

To be continued….

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