Tattoos And Diapers

In a world full of conservative folks tattoos are always look down on.

Because some think it looks trashy.

Or in fact, we might regret what’s on our body 10 years from now?.

The best one I have personally heard that I thought was just ridiculous was.

What if your daughter is embarrassed by your tattoos?

Even though it wasn’t personally stated towards me I’ve come to the conclusion that tattoos are a work of art. No one has to get one as soon as they hit the big number 18, like half of the kids I know. I’m a mom who loves her tattoos and is able to still raise P well. Our older generation has put a bad label on how people with tattoos are. Tattoos are older than a lot of people can even imagine. The word “tattoo” is from the Tahitian word “Tatau”, crazy I know.

I get this question a lot actually, as to what if Paighton asked us to get a tattoo. My response to her is simply to ask her why she wants one. Is it because everyone else has one, or is it because this is something you truly want. Tattoos are life long commitments and something you have to share to the next generation that comes along.

My Moto as a mom is to raise my child with a free spirit. Let her explore and be free willed. As a mom making my own decisions I know the older generation in Peyton and I’s family do disagree on some of our parenting choices. Well to brighten the moment I’ve come to the conclusion that I went through the worst pregnancy and pushed this child out of my body ALL NATURAL (without medication). So if I allow my child to do something or something simple as sleep in the bed with me. Then so be it the new generation will raise our kids how we want to. With tattoos and all, we’re still people who just want the best for our children.

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