Just horsin around

After five long months, it was time for paighton to meet her future best friends. Not only was I so excited to see my horses but I was in a daze that I haven’t been around them in forever. The mom life totally took over and I just fell knee deep into the mom duties.

If you didn’t know, I have two horses who were my whole world before I had Paighton. If you needed me or if I just needed to escape from society, the barn is where I was at all the time. This was my safe heaven, It was one space in this world where I could be completely me.

Haven’t you heard that a horse is a girl’s best friend?!

If you haven’t then you my friend haven’t experienced life to it’s fullest potential. I don’t know how most people see riding but to me, it’s like I’m almost flying. I completely relax and for those few hours that I’m in the saddle, all my problems go away. Growing up I just knew that my children would grow up around horses. And if I ever had a girl well let’s just say she’s already embedded into the whole livestock lifestyle. She has been riding since she was in the womb.

I was actually 17 weeks pregnant with paighton at the Katy rodeo in 2018. I performed as a Katy cowgirl for the last time. Even though that moment is bittersweet and definitely for another blog I knew I couldn’t give up my dream when I got pregnant. So fast forward to almost a year later and it was time for her to meet the horses.

I’m not gonna lie I was nervous because I had no idea how they would act. Would they love her and be kind or would the demon side of them come through and show. This is my daughter we’re talking about and no one not even my horses would be okay to hurt her. Peyton stood on the other side of the fence with P as I called my horses over. In this element I’m more experienced around horses, as for Peyton this isn’t new to him but it’s not something he has a whole lot of experience from.

This is his baby girl as well and he clearly was showing that he was a little nervous. Peyton handed P to me over the fence and it was go time. Prince (my barrel horse) can get a little excited at times because he’s full of energy. So, of course, I was interested in what exactly would he do. Since he’s the alpha he’s in charge of the herd. As soon as Prince met P he showed submission. My heart was overjoyed yet pounding to the extremities. It was as if he fell in love and just wanted to stick around her. This made me extremely happy because I thought he would have been the one to not care so much. On the other hand, paighton was speechless, the whole time she was at the barn she didn’t even make a sound. She just kept reaching her little hand out to touch him. She wasn’t even scared when I had sat her on top of prince. That’s a total score for mom cause she’s starting young! Now the truth was about to spill out, my first baby would be wildfire. I’ve had him since he was 8 months old and had taught him everything he knows (with my dads help). It even came down to having to halter break him at first. We have been through everything. I know that sounds so clique but it’s totally true. He was the only horse I completely trusted to ride while I was pregnant.

Would he be jealous?

Would he love her?

Or would he just don’t give any cares in the world?

As I walked up to wildfire he instantly put his ears back. For horses when they put their ears back it means that don’t like something or they are mad. He was full of jealousy and didn’t even stand to be around her. I was hoping that he would fall in love with her but that definitely didn’t happen. Wildfire stood around long enough for me to take a picture with him but I truly believe it was only because of me. Paighton was really excited now because she was aware that she could touch him. This experience was one for the books and to finally be able to share my lifestyle with my baby girl is amazing! Especially when we have such a wonderful fiancé and dada by our side.

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