7 steps back

It’s hard enough for anyone to get into college or even register for classes. Just to decide what you want to do is the hardest thing for some people. So let me step out of my shoes and let you experience for this time being just what I’m going through.

College is a must, I want to further my education and so on, we have all heard the spill and probably have said it ourselves. I don’t want to bore you on my story of why I need or even want to go to college. In today’s society, people are millionaires without a degree just from picking up a camera. Why can’t that work out for me and I could just write blogs all day? Then I have to remind myself it’s yet again 2019 and most people would rather watch a 10-minute video than to let their mind explore a story and create their own video in their head. Reading may be out of the ordinary now but two thumbs up for you for actually taking time to read something other than the text on your phone.

For months now I had January 14th on my calendar as an important day. While ever one started college back in August I had a new born. I Took it upon myself and realized that I needed to focus on my little one just so that I get in the hang of taking care of a baby before I throw myself into the shark tank of college. Now 5 months in and I established a routine so when I started school I wasn’t gonna pull my hair out due to the piling up of my responsibilities.

To even get one step ahead I made sure my financial aid was on track and my scholarship was being sent to the right place. A WHOLE MONTH BEFORE IT WAS DUE. My ducks are in a row, everything is on track till I get a lovely email.

Regarding student:

Carmelita Faulkenberry

Basically, the email stated that my Payment was due and there’s was no sign of my scholarship nor my financial aid. The only thought going through my head was I did my job do I have to do y’all’s as well? How is it that when you tell someone with over a month in advance to send over a scholarship why does it take 2 years to send? Apparently, when you move out of your parent’s house you are now labeled as a dependent student. So you have to redo the whole process, makes no sense to me.

I’m frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed with this whole process not to mention I spent 3 hours waiting to talk to someone just for them to tell me that they can’t do anything. 3 hours of my life I waisted on information that wasn’t helpful to me in any way! I try to find the light in every dark situation so I had a come to Jesus moment. What if all this happened and didn’t go as planned because it wasn’t meant to be? Maybe I needed a set back for a comeback in order to see the big picture. Which I actually have, I decided on a new career path.

For the longest time, I wanted to continue my education to become a veterinarian. My mind was changed when I experienced labor myself. I believe only a handful of people truly enjoy labor, call me crazy but I was in that handful. I have made my decision to enter the laboring field and change lives just as mine was changed.

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