My twin

I remember the conversations Peyton and I would have about who P would look like more. I thought it was gonna be him and of course that is definitely not the case. There is no way that I would could ever denied and say P isn’t my daughter. She looks exactly like me, Not like I would, just clarifying but she’s looks exactly like me. Think again that is not a picture of P, it’s yours truly! My mind is baffled and amazed by how extreme the similarities might be. Isn’t she suppose to look like Peyton in some shape or form?! Paighton may be named after her dad but for sure she’s her mom’s daughter all over. This was Peyton at 3 months old.

As a mom now I hope P gets her fathers personality when it comes to her teenage years. If she’s anything like me so help me God.

Side note: Mom if your reading this I just wanted to say how much I’m blessed with a mother like you.

I was never a WILD CHILD, my mom may say otherwise but I would label myself as independent and knowledgeable. I knew from wrong and right and never wanted to get in trouble. I never attended high school parties because people knew I wasn’t that type of person. I didn’t nor do I see the fun in drinking and making a fool of myself.

Alright carmelita how can you say its not fun if you haven’t tried it?

Great question but why would I need a substance to feel ”free”?? I hope that when Paighton is older she knows that drinking isn’t the cause for having a good time. Many of y’all my age won’t understand it till you have a offspring of your own. Your world flips upside down and you have no idea as to why the littlest things matter so much.

At only 5 months old Peyton and P have the same personality. Both are laid back and hard to make upset. For P it’s much easier all you have to do is just go on a long car ride and p is triggered. When it comes to her crying she will cry till she’s back into business. Meaning that if her diaper is wet, you will hear her. She’s sweet enough to give you some time but if it’s full you better run on water if you have to just get her a clean diaper.

As Paighton gets older I only wish she knows right from wrong. I hope that she respects her self like I do. But of course everyone is different and she will make her own mistakes.

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