Game night

Every Saturday we invite our friends over for game night, our goal is to play some games and remind ourselves that we are still teenagers. Every game night we have had has been so much fun. Well until it was time to spill how we really felt.

Just a couple hours before everyone arrived at our house Peyton fed P some rice cereal. In my defense I definitely never saw what was coming for us, or should I say what was coming up. That whole morning P was fighting me to not eat, like any mother I want to feed my child. So I guess I overfed her.

For Christmas, my mom got us a spoon that has a bottle attached to it where you just squeeze and the cereal flows out. Well at the level P is at her rice cereal is more like rice soup. However, the mixture I created was a perfect texture for the spoon but no way near perfect for her tummy. Which we didn’t find out till game night was in full swing. Much like her stomach at the moment of the foods exit.

Jokes were being laughed at cards were being played and our house was full. How hard could it be to make our house full? We even had people sitting in our kitchen chairs, which we never use. I had paighton sitting in my lap, out of nowhere she starts to cough. Out of instinct, I covered her mouth but to my noticing, she was vomiting. An explosion of a milky substance covered my leg dripping down my shoulder and made an appearance all over our floors. Peyton started to freak out and I knew I needed to hold it in because we had friends over.

Every 15 minutes P would begin the whole cycle all over again. I’ve never had to deal with a baby throwing up so I had no idea what to do. My instincts at first was to quickly flip P on to her stomach, hoping it would make it easier for her to throw up. Our baby wasn’t use to thick rice cereal and it definitely took us for a turn. Even though Peyton and I are grown or at least we think we’re grown. We automatically wanted to call our parents cause we had no idea what was going on.

I called my mom and she told me not to let P go to sleep just so she can throw up whatever she has left in her stomach. This part was just as hard cause P was exhausted. She was like a rag doll all limp Because she just threw up almost everything she ate. That night I held P a little tighter and didn’t go to sleep till 3 am. As a mom that’s hard cause when P gets up I have to get up as well. As a parent, you will do anything just to make sure your child is healthy and well!

This night was the hardest in a long time because our baby girl was sick. Peyton and I pulled through and have learned so much from this experience. For the parents out there or the future parents, the best advice I can give you is learn. Learn from everything you do even the best parent in the world make mistakes.

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