Merry Christmas Blogmas day 25


Paignton’s first Christmas was a SUCCESS! Our baby girl definitely got more presents than we could ever expect, and she sure loved opening all of her presents. Before our Christmas morning even started we had to get prepared for Santa Clause to make a stop at our house. We made cookies and cut up celery for Rudolph. We even got a phone call from Santa, who told us that he was just a matter of minutes away and that bedtime was near! we also wrote a letter to Santa telling him to thank you for the presents. All of this was done for Aiden (my little brother) who freaked out when he saw what Santa left him in the morning.

I can’t wait for paighton to wake us up at 7:30 and want to unwrap Christmas gifts as well! Peyton and I were just exhausted but we knew we couldn’t be Debby downers on Christmas morning. So we got out of our cozy warm bed, threw on some comfy socks and walked quickly down the stairs to a surprise that reminds a mystery of how Santa accomplished it. My little brother was amazed and ecstatic on the little appearance Santa left for him. The presents were the next thing that stole the show, Santa and his elves truly worked hard this year.

Paighton must have opened over 30 gifts today, no way am I complaining. But when you have tons of toys and little to no space in the house it’s starting to become a concern as to where we will store all these activities. P already takes up both of our closets in the house when we only have two. She surprised us and opened all of her presents without too much help from dada and mama. Our little girl is growing up before we know it. As for mama and dada we got a few gifts as well, I bought Peyton a speaker and he wrote me a handwritten letter! To most girls, they probably would expect more or thought it wasn’t a Christmas gift ”worthy”. To me, the little things mean the most I don’t care about expensive rings and diamond earrings. I care more about the sentimental items like a handwritten letter. Because it takes time to write down your deepest thoughts and put it on paper. Anyone can wrap a gift and put a bow On it. This Christmas having paighton made me realize that I just continued the generation and started my own traditions. Having her Christmas at almost 5 months old P still enjoyed her self today especially her new tv remote toy my mom got her. We even received tons of clothes with unicorns on them and most definitely needed the baby puzzle mats. Since our house has all tile its hard to put P down for tummy time endless it’s on the bed. Another cool gift was a spoon that was refillable without a bowl. All you had to do was fill up the pocket it was attached to and squeeze for the food to refill. The gift I hadn’t expected was ”Peyton the Horse” this stuffed animal was a Scentsy animal where you put a Scentsy bag in the back of the stuffed animal. Paighton loved all of her toys and I know next year it’s gonna be a blast when she really gets to know all about Christmas and Santa! Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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