Blogmas day 24!

It’s Christmas Eve!

Our trip to Galveston was amazing, we got to spend time with my sister and her kids. We even took P to her first beach trip! It wasn’t a typical beach trip, it was windy and a little chilly. But it was better than having the heat hammer down on our sun kissed skin. Mama hates sand but what type of adventure would it be if I didn’t let her feel it for the first time. P was so excited when I first put her down to feel the sand. She started laughing and talking loudly!

She began to start digging her feet into the tunnels. I loved that she loved her first experience. She really wanted to touch the sand with her hands but Mama had to stop her before she put some in her mouth. She played in the sand for a few minutes and it was time to call it a day. Like any over prepared mom, see what I did their. I’m not over protected I’m over prepared. I brought water and a bag of baby wipes so that I could wash her little feet off and wipe them clean.

As soon as she was all cleaned up she started to drift away. Dada, of course, wanted to hold her and she wasn’t gonna complain. It was a little colder than I predicted it to be. So I took off my hoodie and wrapped P up tightly. As a mom, it doesn’t matter if your cold, I’d give her the shirt right off my back as well if it meant she was warm. she probably won’t ever remember this first trip but I know we will. Just to see P experience new things such as the sand and watching the waves come in and out was a blessing. Our baby girl is growing up through these blogs and every moment we have, Y’all get to see it through my eyes.

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