Blogmas day 23

It’s 8 am in the morning, the diaper bag is stuffed. The stroller is in the bed of the truck and we are all ready to take a trip down to Galveston, Texas.I’m not a big fan of the beach, I hate sand so much. Don’t get me wrong the beach can be pretty and for me I usually get a nice tan! But after you get out of the water your hair is full of sand. You probably drank a gallon of fish poop and your whole body gets sticky. If you aren’t staying the night at a hotel you have to wait all the way till you get home before you can shower.

So at this point sand is making its way into places you wouldn’t dare imagine it could go. Just thinking about it makes me so uncomfortable. Galveston,Texas is about little over a hour drive from where we live. Having a baby who hates her car seat at times can turn into a hurricane 5 real quick. Paighton is the sweetest baby but when’s she’s tired of being in the car seat that girl can break some glasses with her lungs.

“Definitely don’t judge a book by its cover, it might just surprise you by what’s inside.”

^^I give credit to whole ever said that first!

We decided to take the chance and make the trip. So far she has slept the whole way!!! Thank you Jesus (or who ever you worship)!!! This has given mama time to write her blog before the day gets to busy and since the trip is so long I brought my pump so I can make some liquid gold while still on the road.

Road trips are so much fun with Peyton and I! I guess when your on the road you start to have deeper thoughts on things. We just passed memorial Herman hospital. And I had a realization of what if memorial Herman was named after a memorial for A guy named Herman. Rest In Peace Herman, I know I could look it up and get the answer but it’s kinda cool to make your own answers before you do the research just to see if you were close.

After 1 hr and 16 minutes we have finally made it to Galveston, Texas my dudes! P’s first trip, till next time!!!

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