Blogmas day 22

I have officially started mission mom bod!

I’m cutting back the sweets and getting all my sugar from baby P. As a mom its essential to love yourself and spend some time improving your appearance. I’m at the stage in my postpartum where I’m losing weight fast but at the end of the day, I still manage to look pregnant, WHICH I AM NOT!

I’ve started this work out video that I found on YouTube for “mom bods” and man it has kicked my butt from Texas to South America. It was only 23 minutes but since I took some time off from exercising I definitely felt it.

Eating healthy and working out is the best for your body especially after you just had a baby. You have to get over the cravings you wanted to eat all the time. For me that was hard, I never ate junk food but I loved Cheetos while I was pregnant. It was something I craved all the time.

Breaking the habit was fairly easy but the thought of it never went away. I learned to reverse the habit and drink more water when I had a craving. Especially for a breastfeeding mom, it’s important to have a well-balanced meal because your baby gets everything that you eat!

From experience, it’s best to start your healthy diet after the holidays. Peyton and I had a family Christmas party and we left with probably 50 cookies, a dozen pieces of fudge. A plate full of banana pudding and neither the less a full pumpkin pie with a tub of whipped cream. Oh, the good stuff we brought home. It’s not like we wanted to just take a few calories and stuff them under our shirts but they were given to us. We all know when food is offered at a family event you can’t say no. Or that’s at least how it is on my side of things. This was just the beginning!

With all these goodies we both have decided that It would be nice to give back for the holidays since we have been so blessed. Even if it’s just a few cookies here and there it’s something that might put a smile on someone’s face. Because Christmas is more about memories with family than it is having presents underneath the Christmas tree.

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